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UK Uganda Network
   2005 Projects
   2006 Projects
   2007 Projects
   Avonja Project [2] [3] [4]
   Brombara Project
   DHL Offer
   Education Trust
   Expeditions to Uganda [2]
   Expeditions to Uganda 2002
      Bulangira Disables Association
   Expeditions to Uganda 2003
      Explorer Belt
   Expeditions to Uganda 2004
   Friendship First Project
   Gilwell Reunio 2002
      Godfrey and Michael [2]
   Gilwell Reunion [2]
   History of the Web Site
   Information Index
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   Main Index [2] [3]
   Mission Statement
   Mityana Project (Northumberland) [2] [3]
   Mityana Project - Uganda 2000
   Network Profile
   Network index page
   News [2]
      260301 - Plan ahead
      280201 - Plan ahead
      Back from Uganda 171200
      Chief Scout Visits Web Site 251000
      Containers arrive in Uganda 181000
      Explorer Belt Expeditions 300800
      Host a Ugandan 141200
      It nearly drowned Jinja Spice 290800
      Mount Elgon Expeditions 060900 (Matthew Hurst)
      Mount Elgon Expeditions 070900 - Francesca's Story
      Network Meeting at Youlbury 061000
      News 250900 (News Sheet and International ACCI Conference)
      Off to Uganda 271100
      Rakai News 130900 (June Brownlee)
      The Mubende Experience 240800
      Youlbury Reunion 161100
   News 010802 Meetings, Uganda 2003, Queen's Jubilee Badges, Pross, Visits to Uk
   News 050503
   News 051003
   News 060803
   News 100303
   News 120104 [2] [3] [4]
   News 120602 Walesby Meeting report, Kanaada Scouts, Uganda2003
   News 120803
   News 140803
   News 160603
   News 160803
   News 170902 Meetings, Uganda 2003, Gilwell Reunion 2002, Tennis Balls, Micheal and Godfrey
   News 180803
   News 200504
   News 221002 Meetings, Uganda 2003, Micheal and Godfrey, Computer, Berkshire Scout Enterprises, Africa Network [2]
   News 240803
   News 241203
   News 260803
   News 311202
   Next Meeting [2]
   Outspan School Project [2]
   Profile of the Network
   Resources and Activities
      Main Index
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   Sponsorship of Uganda Scouts to World Rover Moot
      UK Uganda Web Site List
   Uganda 2000 Index Page
      UK Uganda Email List
      UK Uganda Website List
   Visitors Guide
   Index to resources and activities
   Beaver Scouts
      Families and Friends
      Immunisation and Health
      Rights of the Child
      Society and Culture
      The Environment
      Water [2] [3]
   Country Profile
   Cub Scouts
      Finding Uganda
         Programme Ideas and activity [2]
      Rights of the Child
      Ugandan National Flag
      Ugandan National Flag and Emblems
      Venture Scouts
         Past Present and Future
      Coat of Arms
      Finding Uganda
         Programme Ideas and activity [2]
   Venture Scouts
      Coat of Arms [2] [3]
      Finding Uganda
Uganda 2000
   Arriving in Uganda
   Avonja Project Report 240800
   CPC Who's Who
   Entebbe Project
   Expedition and Explorer index
   Expedition described
   Expedition to Mount Elgon [2]
   Explorer Belt [2]
      Cavus's report [2]
      Francesca's report [2]
      Heather and Richard's report [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
   Index Page
   Jinja, day in
   Kibblestone Training Camp
   Kibblestone Weekend
   Kit List
   Masindi District Project
   Mbarara Project
      Report 230800
   Message from the Uganda President
   Northampton Street Kids
   Photo Album
      Arrival at Entebbe
      Days out from the Jamboree
      End Page
      Explorer Belt [2]
         Mount Elgon
      Iganga Project Photos
      Jamboree Photos [2] [3]
      Mbarara Scouts at CampDowne 2000
      Parade into Kampala [2]
      The day in Jinja
      Youlbury Training Weekend
   Project objectives
   The Ten Districts
   What's it all about
Uganda 2003
   Explorer Belt information sheet
Uganda 2005
Uganda 2006
Uganda 2007
   The project described
Update on Outspan School Project Northamptonshire

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