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   Beaver Scouts Index Page
   Cub Scouts Index Page
   Index Page
   Scouts Index Page
   Venture Scouts Index Page
   A Survival Still pdf document
   A Uganda Village pdf document
   Animals to colour and make pdf document
   Colour Flags pdf document
   Colour a Mask pdf document
   Friends pdf document
   Health Chart pdf document
   Homes and Homelessness pdf document
   Make a Toy car pdf document
   Make a drum pdf document
   Make a solar oven pdf document
   Make a solar sausage cooker pdf document
   Make a streamer buttonhole
   Maps of Uganda and UK pdf document
   Mud Hut pdf document
   Spread of Aids Chart pdf document
   Stages of trade activity pdf document-2
   The Hunger Cycle pdf document
   The Peanut Game pdf document - 1
   Tourism who wins, who pays pdf document
   Towns Word Game pdf document
   Trading Game pdf document - 1
   Trading Game pdf document-2
   Water Colour and Qustions pdf document
   Word Finder pdf document
   World Map pdf document
   World Trade and Consumption pdf document
   A Visitors Guide
   GSM Telephones in Uganda [2] [3]
   Kit List
   Mobile Phones - specification
   Venture Scouts
      Programme Ideas and activity
      The Problem
      What is
   Uganda 2000 Project
      Project Explained
      Report 200800
Arica Network
   link in News Item 050503
   link in News Item 100303
   photographs of Colin Bennett
   stay at the BP Training Ground
Avon County
   Avonja 2002
   Project in Jinja [2] [3]
   Uganda 2000 Project
      Progress Report 240800
   photographs of Colin Bennett
   Beaver Scouts
      International Friendship Award
   Cub Scouts
      International Friendship Award
      International Friendship Award
   Uganda 2000
      International Friendship Award
      World Friendship Badge
   Venture Scouts
      International Friendship Award

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