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12th June 2002

Network Meeting at Walesby, Nottinghamshire

30 plus members of the UK-Uganda Network met at Walesby Scout Camp Site over the weekend of
17/19 May 2002.
Some set up camp, other utilised the indoor accommodation in the Parker Lodge.
A team from a Member Scout Group in Doncaster kindly provided the catering throughout the
weekend which was greatly appreciated.
On the Saturday, the Members discussed their plans and arrangements for Ugvanda 2003.
Keith Shackleton kindly facilitated workshops on the Risk Assessment and Health and Safety good
working practices.
During the evening barbecue, the Members were joined by David McKee, Programme and
Development Manager - International, who shared information on the way in which the Queen's
Jubilee is enhancing the importance of the work of the UK Scout Association in Commonwealth. 
On Friday, David Bull, our International Commissioner, had received a visit from the newly-appointed
Governor General of the Cayman Islands and invested him as Chief Scout.  A long-established
tradition that continues with all Commonwealth Countries.
David advised us how pleased the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were to be able to attend the
Annual St George's Day Parade at Windsor - her first official function after the period of mourning for
her mother's death.
The attendance of Scouts from 18 Commonwealth countries was noticeable, if not only for their
excellent marching ability and appearance.
On Sunday morning, the Members held their Network Meeting, chaired by Geoff Breeden OBE,
where Members were brought up to date with events and activities by the Network Co-ordinator,
Alan Beavis.
Peter Scurry reported to the Members on his recent trip to the Bulangira Disabled Association in
Palissa where they had found that the original site planned for the Vocational Workshop, had been
reclaimed by its owner and developed for another purpose.  During their visit they were able to
negotiate the purchase of another plot on which to develop the Vocational Workshop.  Peter
brought back a sample of a table leg produced in the workshop, by what we would consider
primitive methods, but nevertheless of good quality.
Uganda, like all other countries, has a surplus of plastic bags and the workshop has creatively used
these to produce plastic rope and samples were shown to Members - perhaps a recycling initiative
for Scout Groups to follow - we need to establish the needs for plastic rope - any ideas?
Neil Dallen spoke of his recent trip on behalf of the 7th Epsom Scout Group where they have
identified two new projects for 2003.
Geoff Breeden, Dave Mowbray and Jonathan Cooksley showed plans for the development of the old
Technical College Building in Mityana into a Community Enterprise Centre.
Last Saturday Robert Mitchell, one of the Venture Scouts who was awarded the Explorer Belt in
Uganda 2000, was invited to talk at the District Explorer Scouts Training Workshop, on how the
Explorer Belt Scheme can benefit those joining the new section.
The Members departed after a successful weekend, looking forward to meeting again, either at the
Gilwell Reunion or our next Network Meeting at Hesley Wood, Sheffield, the weekend of  18/20
October 2002.

Kanaada Scouts and Guides Open Troop, Kampala
Members of the UK-Uganda Network were pleased to hear from Nicholas Kamya Sempala, who
was for many years the District Commissioner for Mubende and instrumental in a lot of our work in
Mityana.   He has now retired to his home where he is organising an Open Scouts and Guides
Troop.  Nicholas and other Members like Sammy Senkumba,thought of organising an Open Troop
and he writes - 
"so that with this we shall have permanent members to run the troop and we plan for the school
boys and girls.  This is a problem or a poor problem of Development whereby students come and go
and we start afresh other programmes every year.  That is why we have suggested to open a troop
where we shall get permanent members to overlook the progress and developmental ideas of which
we can be mostly extended up to gaining programmes.  I would not like to retire without having
taken steps of mature projects, ie I have offered a piece of land to make developmental projects to
help our area and country at large.  I am also hopeful for your challenge of a link group in future
which we are looking for this KANAADA SCOUTS AND GUIDES OPEN TROOP.
What we have so far done, we have contributed some funds and we have started digging the ponds
to what we planned, though it has not been yet.  We hope to finish and get good products and after
that we shall shift rearing pigs.
It will be great to let you know the next letter will give all the details of this group Administrators. 
Any I need also your advice on how you can run an open troop which is already registered now we
only to say a word and act with an objective motto.
A troop with a Vision troop Registration No. 083.
Once again, I thank you for your continuous objectives on Mityana projects.  I express interest in
seeing the progress of Mityana as a founder.
Please convey my greetings to your dear family


Uganda 2003

Why not join in the 2003 expedition to Uganda. Full information and details can be obtained from webmail@ugandanetwork.org.uk or take a look at the web pages


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