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14 August 2003

Uganda 2003 13th August 2003

We are now in Lukotaime and are having a fantastic time! After an outstanding welcome with hundreds of people watching us set up camp in the dark.

In true ugandan style our toilet block that we were going to build was dug in the wrong so whilst they are digging the new hole we are
helping with the construction of the main school. It is really good to see all our efferts and finace being put into such good use.
unfortunatly we do not have access to the internet whilst we are here so we sent
this message with the service team.

We will try to get in contact again but
be assured to know that we are all having a great time!

From Fran in Lukotaime


Uganda 2003 - 14th August 2003

Explorer Belt Update

After setting off all our xb teams, Nick, Rob,and myself headed up to the project village Lukotaime, in the depths of Kamuli district.

Fran and Jools have set themselves up with a nice little campsite right next to the banging drums of the district camp!

To be fair they fed us well and we enjoyed the evening entertainment of an african campfire, with guess what, more drums!

The next morning we set off bright and early to check part of the XB routes and we sucesfully met up with Mark, Toni and Joseph at least someone's in the write place! lets hope tomorrow goes as well.

Heather - XB support


Epson and Ewall Expedition to Tororo and Mayuge Districts
link to their web site

First Photo from Uganda

Robert Mitchell sent us the first photograph from Uganda. The Lukotaime Team ready for building.



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