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Rights of the Child

"Children have the right to a name from birth"

Leaders play an important role in young people's growth and development. In all countries children are a precious resource and it is very important that governments and individuals work to make sure that children's well-being, growth and development are a priority."

Children all over the world have only one opportunity to grow and develop their full potential. As Beaver Scout Leaders you play an important role in helping your Beaver Scouts grow and develop.

The international community has adopted The Convention on the Rights of the Child which sets out a minimum standard for children. The United Kingdom ratified this Convention in December 1991.

Some of the rights are outlined below with activities to help your Beaver Scouts understand their rights.

Ask the Beaver Scouts to find out what their name means and who, if anyone, they were called after. They could draw a picture to show the meaning of their names. If your Beaver Scouts could be called another name which one would they choose? Perhaps you could run an evening when they all use their preferred name - of course you can change your name too. Everyone should wear a badge and answer only to their new name think of the chaos and confusion this causes but also note how important our names are.





Activities - cultural and artisitc

Ask each Lodge to agree on a favourite game or activity and spend one week playing their favourite games and doing their favourite activities.

Think of a new cultural or artistic activity for your Beaver Scouts.

Invite a mime artist or musician along to the Colony.

Learn some new songs; perhaps you can find some African or Ugandan songs to sing.

Find out which games your Beaver Scouts play in the playground. Perhaps they could teach the others and then you would have some new games for your Colony.

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