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The Avonja project started in the early 1990s to last 10 years to build an activity centre at Bwende, Jinja on the banks of the river Nile.

The name Avonja was adopted out of the names of the two partners - Avon Scouts and the Scouts of Jinja.

Yearly project visits by Scouts from Avon County have produced a centre that any County in the UK would be proud to own.

Scouts and Venture Scouts from outside Avon are welcome to join the expeditions, the next being in August 2002. Whilst concentrating on the building of a camp centre and supporting buildings and facilities time is always taken out to visit the Ugandan countryside and wildlife.

For more information about the 2002 Avonja expedition Email the expedition leaders.

Breakfast time for the Avonja expedition.

Information on the Web Site about the Avonja Expeditions

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