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5 May 2003

St George's Day Awards.

Our congrtulations go to members of the Network who were included in this year's St George's Day Awards.
Vivienne Tickner and John Dohoo - Silver Acorn

Alan Beavis - Silver Wolf

Africa Network - study visit

The Africa Network is to organise an Africa Study visit. This will probably take place in 2006 and will take in several countries in sub-saharan Africa giving the opportunity for Leaders and Scouts in the older Sections to visit Africa and establish contacts with a view to organising group visits in the following years.

Colin Bennett

Sadly on 26th April Colin Bennett died.

He was an enthusiaastic Nework Member and was responsible for giving hundreds of Scouts the opportunity to visit Uganda where they made friends and undertook projects with local Scouts in Jinja District.

He lead the team which built a camp trianing centre on the banks of the River Nile. A project which took 10 years and swept with it the enthusiasm of many in the Avon County and Scouts in all Sections. From fund raising to writing letters, from singing african songs to making and laying bricks - all were included.

Colin Bennett and his enthusiasm will be greatly missed. Our condolences to his wife and family as well as all the Scouts who knew and loved him.

More memories of Colin Bennett.

Uganda 2003 - final preparations.
The final preparations for the forthcoming trip of Scouts and their Leaders to Uganda in August are progressing well.  Each of the contingents are developing their members through team-building weekends, to raising money for their community projects. 

Excitement is growing for this experience of a lifetime - for many the first time in Africa, Ugandan Scouts are eagerly awaiting their arrival and to working together as friends.



Uganda Chief ommissioner visited UK in March.
Victoria Nalongo, Chief Commissioner of the Uganda Scouts Association, visited the UK in March and met with our International
Commissioner, David Bull, and International Manager, David McKee.
Victoria was guest at the UK Charity - Uganda Sunrise to raise funds to take an electricity supply to the Uganda Scouts Association Camp Site and Training Ground at Kaazi.

Network Meeting - 24/26 October 2003

Download the joining information.

Baby Arrives

Jonathan Cooksley is now a DAD. Well done Jonathan and may you have many sleepless nights!

Only joking of course.

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