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26 August 2003

White Water Rafting

10 of us went white water rafting, and by some strange miracle, we actually lived to tell you about it.

It was just absolutely amazing, 4 of the rapids were grade 5 (grade 6 being the highest, and 6 means that you only survive by luck!!!). Our first Grade 5 had a wave known as the G-Spot. My boat, which was aiming for a middlish experience, ended up hiting the G-spot - and didn't we know it. It
was like going into a 1000 foot tidal wave, and then being flung into the water for 15 seconds, before coming up for an impossible breath (because your lungs were already full of water!). I was then dragged down another 3 times, before finally being spat out of the rapid, and dragged back into the boat, ready for the next one!

Anyway, we will have to tell you more when we get home, as time is limited here.

We have just heard from the 4 up Elgon. All of them made it to the top, at around 3am on Sunday morning, and then completed the 28km and 3,200 meter descent by 5pm on Sunday! We are planning to re-group with them this evening.

Julian Sore


Gilwell Reunion

On Tuesday 5 August, Network Co-ordinator Alan Beavis visited WINGS - Windsor International Guides and Scouts Camp being held in the Queen's 'back garden' at Windsor Castle.
One could not help but notice the developing Ugandan Village.  If you were in the Meridian
Television Area you would have seen it as a back drop for their news transmission on Monday evening.
Congratulations to Betty and Peter Scurry for their initiative of making the Global Village come alive by inviting teams of youngsters to build a typical Ugandan home from reeds and poles.  The youngsters then undertake further activities in the marquee linked to the Ugandan way of life, bringing home to them the International link of Scouting and the way we have worked with

Unfortunately the contingent of Uganda Scouts and Guides did not arrive due to visa problems.
You will be able to see the village again if you visit the Gilwell Reunion at Gilwell Park during the weekend of 6/7 September.
Network Visits to E Africa
David Bull, the Scout Association's International Commissioner, and Africa Network Co-ordinator Jonathan Cooksley have recently been visiting Kenya, meeting the Africa Regional Office Staff in Nairobi, Kenya Scouts Association Officials and visiting a project.  David Bull then travelled on to meet up with the Uganda 2003 contingent in Uganda.  Jonathan and his colleagues went on to Tanzania to look at possibilities for activities over the next few years.  The aim is to develop a Ten Year Development Plan of Co-operation
between UK Scouts and those in the Africa Region.
It will, therefore, be an interesting day at the Gilwell Reunion when we hear from those who have been able to visit Africa this summer.

Network Meeting

Do not forget to book your accommodation for our Network Meeting 24/26 October 2003 at Chalfont Heights Scout Camp Site.  It will be an interesting weekend for all. Further information available here.


Reality of Life in Uganda

It is easy for a tourist or Scout visitor to see all that is good about Uganda and its people but even during the UNITE visit in 1994 it was clear that danger was never far away with many areas of the country "out of bounds".

This latest report which appears on the Uganda Scout Association's Web Site brings home the stark reality of the how the lives of ordinary Ugandans are brutalised by the continuing war in the north of the country.


The first visit by UK Scouts took place in 1996 when it was only really possible to fly into Lira. On approaching Lira where the Bishop was waiting for the llight aircraft to arrive the pilot decided to circle the air strip to look for rebel activity. Near to touch down he suddenly pulled full throtle and aborted the landing shouting about the rebels on the edge of the aircraft - they turned out to be Scouts and Guides.

Now some 7 years later contacts in Lira are still difficult.

Othere news items about Uganda 2003


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