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Percy the Naughty Crocodile

by Patricia Bremner


Once upon a time, on the banks of the river Nile there lived a naughty crocodile called Percy. Percy lived with his mother and father and spent his days fishing and teasing other animals. When ospreys flew over the river, Percy would snap at their legs. When the baboons and monkeys ran along the riverbank Percy would chase their tails. He really was a naughty crocodile.

Your teeth have to last a long time' replied his mother, 'so you need to look after them'.

But this naughty crocodile took no notice of his mother's wise words. Instead he flicked his tail and swam off to do the things that naughty crocodiles like to do.

Percy swam to visit his friend Mr Frog. Mr Frog was a very fast swimmer and Percy liked to race him across the river. 'Hello Mr Frog' said Percy, 'would you like to race with me?'

'I'm sorry' began Mr Frog, 'but I have to brush my teeth because I've just eaten some chocolate'. 'Oh' said Percy, feeling a bit upset because he really wanted to race.

'Perhaps another day' said Mr Frog, 'but you know how it is, you really must take care of your teeth'.

Percy decided he would go and find his friend Judy the duck. Sometimes Judy and Percy would chase fish together. Percy eventually found Judy brushing her teeth. By now Percy was wondering if the whole world was brushing its teeth. 'Hello Judy' said Percy

'Shell-oh' said Judy who couldn't speak properly because her mouth was full of toothpaste. Judy rinsed out her mouth.

'Your breath smells nice and fresh, just like mine!' said Percy.

Judy looked surprised. 'You don't have fresh breath' she said. 'All the animals know that you have the worst breath on the river.'

Percy thought about this for a moment. 'No I don't' he said.

'Of course you do' continued Judy. 'Why do you think the ospreys and the baboons run away from you?'

'Because I'm Percy, the toughest, strongest and most frightening crocodile in the river Nile.'

'No' said Judy, 'They run away from you because they don't like your breath. After all you are only a baby crocodile!'

Percy felt hurt and sad. It was getting late so he decided to go home for dinner. It was Tuesday and on Tuesdays they always had his favourite meal mince and potatoes. When he smelt the scrummy meal his mother had made, Percy soon forgot about what Judy had said. But when he put his first fork full of mince in his mouth he let out a yelp. 'What's the matter Percy?' asked his mother.

'I've got a really sore tooth. It really hurts'.

Percy's mother shook her head slowly. 'I told you to brush your teeth each day but you wouldn't listen to me. You'll have to go to the dentist tomorrow'.

That night Percy lay awake in his bed. His tooth was really sore. He was worried because if he wanted to grow up to be a big dangerous crocodile like his father, then he needed to have all his teeth. In the morning Percy went to the dentist.

'Pooh, 'said the dentist, 'don't you ever brush your teeth?'

'No' said Percy slowly regretting that he hadn't done what he was told.

'Well, Percy' began the dentist 'I'm going to have to take one tooth out. But if you look after your teeth properly from now on and brush them once a day, then you should be able to keep the rest of your teeth for a very long time.'

Percy was a very lucky crocodile and from that day he faithfully brushed his teeth every day.

If you were to visit the river Nile today and look very carefully you might find an old crocodile with shinning teeth and lovely breath. And if you're brave and look even closer then you'll discover that he has one tooth missing.

The Beaver Scouts could act out this story using finger puppets or masks for the animals.

Game - The Germ and the Toothbrush

Beaver Scouts stand in a circle. (They are all teeth.)

One is chosen to be a toothbrush and one is chosen to be the germ.

The toothbrush chases the germ in and out (between the teeth) until the germ is caught.

The game continues by giving each Beaver Scout a turn at being either the germ or the toothbrush.

Activity - What do I wear?

What sort of clothes do you wear? Are they the same as Ugandan children's clothes? What type of clothes do you wear when it is dry and wet, hot or cold? In Uganda it is usually quite warm but it can sometimes also be very wet.
The Scouts at the World Jamboree in Chile are seen here wearing the Kanszu with a young swiss lady

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