Arriving in Uganda


Strange to put the departure on an arrival page but if you don't depart from Gatwick Airport then obviously you won't arrive! Andrew Cooke, Service Crew Leader is in charge of departure arrangements at the North Terminal. You should arrive in good time and in uniform but if you are very early, don't panic as we expect the main arrival time to be two to three hours before flight time. All of your luggage should be colour coded and not in excess of the baggage allowance of 25kg. Andrew will have your tickets and these will be given to the Unit Leaders. Until you have checked in your baggage stay together in your Colour Unit and do not wander the airport. It will make your Unit Leader's job very difficult if you are constantly being searched. Remember to bring your passport!

If for any reason you are going to be late then please use the emergency contact details provided to you. These come under the heading departure.

Once checked in you can relax until your flight is called. You might want to buy duty free goods which can be taken into Uganda. Note there is also a duty free shop in arrivals at Entebbe which carries small stocks of popular items. Best to buy at Gatwick those British goods which you might want to give to your host.

Final relaxation comes on the aircraft which for many will be a long flight.

Please help our British Airways friends by keeping to your seat at most times. It can be very difficult for the Flight Attendants to get along the aisles if you are standing around talking. Also remember there will be regular passengers on the flight who may not be as enthusiastic as you are about your visit.

On your arrival at Entebbe Airport:

On arrival the weather is likely to be pleasantly warm to hot. Or it could just as easily be raining. Ensure you take all your belongings off the aircraft.

On the tarmac you will be met by UK Scout Leaders who together have a vast experience of Uganda. The Outspan School Band will meet you so be prepared to salute and to sing the UK and Uganda National Anthems. You will experience the first speeches of welcome and the response from the Contingent Leader Eric Goulding. The Ugandan Government have made special arrangements to get you through immigration with minimum formalities but you can smooth the process by filling in the Landing Card on the aircraft and having your passport ready.

Don't be shocked by the presence of security guards at the airport - remember we have them in the UK.

Try to get your luggage as quickly as possible and check that it is all there. If not see you Unit Leader quickly. If some has become lost don't panic as you would not be the first this has happened to!

Your luggage will be taken by locally hired transport to Jinja, about two hours drive from the Airport through the outskirts of Kampala.

Entebbe was the former home of the President of Uganda and the airport is next to the old one where the Israeli Commando team rescued people from the jet airliner on the tarmac. Later the story was made into a film called "Escape from Entebbe".

As soon as the welcomes are over you will leave by chartered bus for Jinja. There is food and water on the buses - remember to drink plenty. At the Avonja Camp Site you will be welcomed by our friends from Bristol and the Avonja groups already in Uganda. Set up your tent as quickly as possible and lay out your bed for the night.There will be a good meal ready for you and we shall have time to answer your questions and start to issue local currency (Uganda Shillings (UgSh)). We will issue you with pots and pans and other essential items needs for your onward journey into the Districts.

Advice and support will be offered to you during your stay however when you are camping out in the local Districts you will need to be self-sufficient. The Service crew will be available throughout your stay in Uganda.

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