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Download a full page sized flag ready to colour in plus two smaller flags to colour in suitable for mounting on sticks can be downloaded in the

The colour of the Uganda People's Congress was used for the national flag when the country gained its independence in 1962. The colours of the Ugandan flag are symbolic and represent the following: Black represents the people of Uganda. Yellow the sun and red is for brotherhood. The Baleiric Crested Crane in the centre of the flag was chosen as the emblem for Uganda. It has a black and white body with a tufted crown of gold and red feathers. Programme Idea
  1. Cut out and colour in the National Flag of Uganda. These can be mounted on sticks to contribute towards a display of what you have learnt about Uganda or in the cases of the A4 sized flag to decorate the Headquarters.
  2. Find out if any other countries use the same colours as Uganda for their flag? If so, find out why they chose those particular colours?
  3. Some flags do not change if they are flown upside-down, but others become flags of different countries. Find out about any that do this and then draw and colour these.
  4. Look at the countries surrounding Uganda. Find out about the other African flags. Can the Cub Scouts design and make a flag which describes their local area. Ask them to think carefully about the colours - green sometimes stands for fertile land or forests, or for the religion Islam; white can stand for peace or purity; blue often means rivers, sea, sky or hope.
  5. Think about an activity which involves flags. What is happening and how are people behaving? Flags should be respected and people's behaviour reflects this. Does the Cub Scout Pack have a flag? When and where is it used? Talk about the flag and its meaning with the Cub Scouts.
  6. Look at the flags of the Countries the Cub Scouts have visited. Who has travelled the furthest or to the most remote country? Which country would the Cub Scouts like to visit and why?
  7. Using travel brochures make a collage of all the places the Cub Scouts and Leaders would like to visit and why.



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