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    News Archive (Added 17/12/00!)
    They are back!

    Network Co-ordinator, Alan Beavis, David McKee from HQ and Dave Mowbray from Newcastle are back from Uganda having been in the country for 2 weeks to assess the impact of Uganda 2000 on Ugandan Scouting. Their full report will be made at the next Network Meeting in March, so be there.

    Christmas Presents have arrived in Uganda!

    The five containers of resources donated by Scouts throughout the UK arrived in Uganda some time ago. During the last two weeks negotiations have been taking place with P&O to realease them for distribution. The Ministry of Education has been asked to clear them through customs as Educational Resources and therefore free of duty.

    Uganda Scouts Association Chief Commissioner Victoria, has called all the District Executive Commissioners to Kampala from the 17 - 20 December, suggesting they bring suitable transport to take resources back with them to distribute.

    A fitting end for Uganda 2000 and a big thankyou to everyone who contributed and helped to get the resources ready for shipping.

    The remaining goods collected are currently being stored - it is anticipated that a further container of resources will be shipped from Avon County in the New Year. Amongst the goods in store are hundreds of woggles. Network Co-ordinator Alan Beavis said "I know they will be greatly appreciated, for the ones I had with me on my recent trip were eagerly accepted by all the Scouts and Guides I met".  

    BP House, Kampala - needs more than a lick of paint!

    In 1995, Scouts from Surrey visited Uganda to carry out repairs and improvements to Baden-Powell House, Kampala.

    Sadly, continuing maintenance is not a feature of everyday life for Ugandans because of the lack of finace and so the building has been somewhat neglected.

    There are now gaping holes in the ceiling of the Board Room and elsewhere there are water stains where the roof has leaked.

    On visiting the toilet it was found that one cistern is malfunctioning, its waterpipe to the water pan split and none of the taps on the two hand washbasins are working correctly.

    Not a happy picture and it, therefore, prompted the Network visitors to enquire what would be the cost to carry out emergency repairs.

    In 1995, our friends from Surrey were assisted by a Scout who was a qualified plumber, Livingstone Mpagi, who has kept in contact with us and is currently involved in the building of the Peace School at Buwende.  Livvy happened to be in Kampala during the visit, taking exams, and was able to oprovide a quotation for repairs, ie

    In all a total cost of 183,000 Ugandan Shillings or about £72.00.

    Victoria was consulted to see if this was a priority and clearly it is at the top of everybody's wish list who uses Baden-Powell House.

    What an excellent Christmas Gift it would be if the Network Members could provide the money for this work to be done.

    Why not Gift Aid your donation now to the Network - cheques payable to Berkshire Scout Enterprises Limited.

    Thank you for your support.  

    Gift Aid

    Another way to assist Ugandan Scouts it to support their education. Although you can do this direct there are considerable tax benefits by using the Gift Aid scheme which allows the recipient charity to re-claim the tax that you have already paid on the gift part of your earnings. So for no extra cost to yourself the money you give is incresed by around 25%. Any work in support of the Uganda Scout Association or the education of its members qualifies for Gift Aid - click here for full details

    Thanks for the Pencils

    Now that we know the five containers of donated goods have arrived safely in Uganda, Marion Stagg, Secretary to the Uganda 2000 Expedition has revealed her story.

    In all Marion collected over 80,000 pencils mostly because of the generosity of four British companies. The Directors and Managers of these companies could hardly be expected to know what the gift of a pencil has meant to children in schools throughout Uganda.

    Most of the pencils were put into the containers which have now arrived in Uganda but she did keep back just one box of 600 pens and pencils which she took to Uganda this summer. Her intention was to present the box personally to a special school which she had visited earlier that year but her Service Crew duties took her to Mbarara - nearly 300 miles away.

    So, the duty of delivery of this special cargo was given to Contingent Leader, Eric Goulding. On Thursday 17 August Eric and his wife Marie arrived in Apac at the Ikwera Negri School for the Disabled and were met by Head Teacher Sister Agnes.

    Some little time after Marion returned to the UK she received a letter from Sister Agnes thanking her for the gift. It turned out that the pencils had arrived at a most opportune time as they were just about to sit for their end of term exams!

    We hope to hear more of the other pencils and the other resources now being unpacked and distributed in Uganda.

    Our special thanks to:

    Mr Hans Laubis MD
    Hainenko Ltd
    284 Chase Road
    London N14 6HF


    Mr Rod Duncan Dir
    Prodir Ltd
    7 Oldmeadow Road
    Kings Lynn 
    Norfolk PE30 4JJ
    Mr Geoff Making Dep MD
    Pentel (Stationery)Ltd
    Hunts Rise
    South Marston Park
    Wilts SN3 4TW
    Mr John Evans MD
    Staedtler UK Ltd
    Cowbridge Road
    Mid Glamorgan
    Wales CF7 8YJ

    Here are a couple of photographs taken at the time of the presentation.