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The UK Uganda Network now has arrangements to receive "GIVE AS YOU EARN" payments through the Charities Aid Foundation.

This new scheme introduced in April 2000, replaces the former method of covenanting monies to your favourite charity.  This is set up whereby those wishing to pay for education of children in Uganda can do so through "Give as you Earn" - simple tax free giving direct from your pay, with a built in 10% bonus.

Give £5 a month or more from your salary to Berkshire Scout Enterprises - UK Uganda Network Account. The Government will add an extra 10% to every donation you make between now and April 2003.  

Tax advantages - you get full tax relief on your giving up to 40% for higher tax payers.  

Each £10 given will cost you £7.80 at basic tax rate, or £6.00 at higher tax rate and the fund for the education of Ugandan Children will receive £11.00.  



This is not a credit card, but it is an amazing way of giving.  

Gift Aid into a Charity Card Account with a one-off payment or by regular contributions (minimum £10 per month).  

Support as many charities as you like using our Charity Card, Charity Cheque Book or by giving On-Line.  

Tax advantage - CAF - Claim back the tax (at basic rate), you have paid on the money in your account, so you have more to give away.  

Higher rate tax payers can claim tax relief on the difference between basic and higher tax rate.  

Thus, you will see that any monies being raised in connection with support for the work of the UK Uganda Network and your individual projects, can be increased at the rate of £3.20 for every £10.00 given - so why not take advantage of the Government's generosity for the work we are doi+ng in supporting others.  

Once the monies are received, they will then be passed to your person/project as directed, so why not start an account today for funding your Ugandan Scout's education, project, next trip or other fund raising activity.  

The Government wants to thank us for the work we do for others, so let us take advantage now.  

It is so simple as the Charities Aid Foundation undertakes the administration work for us.  

Act now so I can send you the appropriate forms for completion.  

Finally, we have received our first monthly payment under this scheme to pay for education of children in Uganda.

For further information email Alan Beavis, the Network Co-ordinator


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