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The UK Uganda Network is a team of people who work together to help advise and co-ordinate all UK scouting projects connected with Uganda. They have a vast knowledge and experiences to draw from. If you are looking at Scouting in Uganda, you must contact them to receive up to date news and conditions in Uganda. They work closely with the Uganda Scouts Association. They know the areas that have already been helped. For example if you wanted to build a headquarters for scouts in Jinja their advice would probably be don't, as Avon scouts have already done this, however they would advise you of other towns and areas that could benefit from a project.

Projects do not need to be about buildings because most of all friendship is important to be established, from that anything can grow.

The team meet throughout the year and discuss various events and activities and links with Scouting in Uganda and of course the development Scouts from the UK can gain from getting actively involved in projects to and related to Uganda

If you have an idea for a project or if you are a Venture Scout wanting to take a year out and work within the communities of Uganda then e-mail the network coordinator now! 

If you would like to become a member of the UK Uganda Network e-mail the Network Coordinator, Alan Beavis at webmail@ugandanetwork.org.uk

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