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Message of goodwill and support towards the U2000 Scouts Jamboree

On behalf of the Government and people of Uganda I wish the United Kingdom Scout Association a happy and prosperous new year. This millennium is one that is exciting but full of challenges with courage. To achieve this goal, a number of things ought to be considered and addressed accordingly.

Today many people worldwide especially the youth, are faced with numerous challenges such as peer pressure, drug abuse, lack of employment, illiteracy, disease, etc. There are so many non-governmental organisations which have been formed to mobilise, educate and where possible assist the young people to liberate themselves out of these unfortunate situations. One such non-governmental organisation is the Scout Movement which is believed to be the biggest youth movement worldwide and has contributed greatly to the development of young people.

The purpose of Scouting is to contribute and develop the full potential of young people. In Uganda where Scouting was introduced in 1915 by an Anglican Missionary known as Rev. Canon H M Grace at Mbarara High School, it has grown from strength to strength successfully adapting to a wide variety of cultures and environments, while at the same time maintaining the universal educational purpose and principles on which the scout movement is based. For the past 85 years, scouting in Uganda has helped many young people to grow up and play active roles in building the nation.

As patron of the Uganda Scout Association, I am happy to be associated with the celebrations to mark the 85 years of Scouting in Uganda. I would also like to register our since appreciation for the kind assistance received from the United Kingdom Scouts Association towards the development of scouting in Uganda. We are proud of the Scout Movement and confident that the Uganda 2000 Jamboree will help to strengthen the ideas of Scouting and promote international peace, friendship and understanding between the people of United Kingdom and Uganda.

May I on behalf of the Government and people of Uganda take this opportunity to register our message of good will and support towards the successful organisation and full participation of both Scouts and their leaders in Uganda 2000 Jamboree.

I appeal to companies/organisations and people of goodwill to donate generously towards Uganda 2000 as this project will offer the young people of both countries opportunities to learn from each other.

We wish to thank all those who have immensely contributed in one way or the other to this project. Remember that our children are our future.We look forward to meeting Scouts and their Leaders at Kaazi National Training and Camping Centre in August, 2000.

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