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6 August 2003

Uganda 2003 in full flight

The Uganda 2003 service crew left the UK quicky followed by over 100 members of the 2003 expedition which will see Scouts working in community projects throughout the country and others climbing Mount Elgon. In their her first report a few days after arriving in Uganda Heather Rainsbury sent the following:

Hey There,

Just a quick up date on how the Uganda 2003 team are doing...

Lukotaime arrived in the country the other day and are currently on safari
in Kenya. The XB(Explorer Belt) support managed to visit Lukotaime village, and plans seem to be well under way. Since feb, footing have been dug for the classroom and by friday they hope to have the sand to cast the slab. They have rebuilt
the old toilet block and cast a slab ready for the new one. There are also hundreds of bricks awaiting the arrival of the team, so they'll be hard at work from the word go!

Soroti and Masindi groups should have arrived this morning and the XB
support are awaiting them at Buwende campsite, Jinja, where Avon are
currently holding an activity camp for the Ugandan Scouts..with navigation,
archery and much more! There are plans to go to the Jinja club tonight for a
welcome party, with food, music and swimming pool!

The XB support team are on the last day of major hardwork...we've visited 90% of the Kamuli district and guess what, signed a million visitors books!

But everyone seems excited and will welcome our teams to their villages.
Today we will be doing the same for the few villages in Jinja and Iganga,finishing in time to hopefully make the swimming pool!

Everyone is having a good time, and it will all pay off when the teams
start arriving up at Buwende...XB and Mbale are the only ones not yet in the country but they arrive in the early hours of Friday morning.


AVON Scouts - 10 year project complete

Colin Bennett will be remembered by members of the Avon Scouts party presently visiting Uganda and by the Scouts of Uganda in Jinja.

Avonja as the joint troops were known worked together for 10 years to build a camp trianing centre on the banks of the River Nile. This centre is now open for Scouts from throughout the world to use.

Visit the Avon Web Site for full details.

Network Meeting - 24/26 October 2003

Download the joining information.

AOL backs down
AOL which was banning all mail from the Uganda Network's mailing list has backed down accepting that genuine subscribers to our lists are entitled to receive email.

However the recommendation of the Web Site team is that if you want an account with an Internet Service Provider go to a genuine ISP such as Demon or Freeserve. Note AOL is not an ISP.

Gilwell Reunion

The UK Uganda network will be appearing at the Gilwell Reunion. This annual extravaganza attracts Leaders from all over the world to exchange views and news and to learn new skills and information.

This year's Gilwell Reunion will be held during 6/7 September 2003.


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