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AOL are causing us considerable problems in that they are refusing to relay email from our listserver. Their ban on our listserver is not 100% and some messages do get through but we cannot now guarantee this with any reliability.

AOL is not a genuine Internet Service Provider so the world from an AOL perspective is different. AOL has come to the conclusion that because we send the same email to more than one of its subscribers then the email is SPAM - ie unwanted email. Such emails are bounced back to us by AOL with a warning message. We have advised AOL that all of our list members voluntarily join the list and have specifically requested to do so.

AOL has declined to answer any email from us on this subject.

The issue has been raised with AOL by our Internet Service Provider - DSVR - but we understand that they have also had a nill response.

As a consequence we do not advise you to subscribe an AOL address to any of our lists.

We can as an alternative provide you with a free mailbox which you can use via your AOL dial up account. You will need Outlook or Outlook Express installed on your computer. If you would like a free account please email webugnet@ugandanetwork.org.uk




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