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Expeditions to Uganda in 2003
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Well this is what happened in 2003 maybe you would like to join us in the coming years.

2003 March - Network Meeting
Network Meeting venue to be announced
August 2003
Explorer Belt and Climb of Mount Elgon
August 2003
Lukotaime - Kamuli Project - Fran Salussolia
August 2003
Soroti - Surrey Project
August 2003
Masindi - Hampshire North Project
August 2003
Avon Venture Aid - final reunion visit
to Buwende

August 2003
Join in adventure in Uganda with Avon

2003 September
Network reunion at Gilwell

2003 October - Network Meeting
venue to be announced

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The Gilwell Reunion is used to promote the activities of the UK Uganda Network as well as providing another occasion for members to meet.

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