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    Off to Uganda (Added 27/11/00!)

    Network Members Dave Mowbray from Northumberland and Alan Beavis (Co-ordinator) together with David McKee Programme and Development Manager from Scout HQ in London are off to Uganda this weekend to evaluate the impact of Uganda 2000 and to make personal visits around the country. Whislt Dave Mowbray is an experienced traveller it is only Alan's second visit and first time for David McKee.

    The Friends of Scouting Society Uganda

    Sammy E D Senkumba, the Executive Secretary of The Friends of Scouting Society Uganda, known to many for his role as 'Mr Fixit' in Uganda, is visiting the UK in December. Sammy would like to meet those friends he has made over the years and/or Members of the Scout Fellowship to strengthen ties between The Friends of Scouting Society and Scout Fellowship Members in the UK.

    The Baden-Powell Guild of Ireland have invited Sammy to spend a week with them and letters have been lodged for his Visa application at the Irish Embassy in Kampala, other offers are welcome for hospitality for Sammy and possibly two others during his stay in the UK.

    No doubt he will be looking forward to some IT training for, as some of you know, we were able to take out to Uganda in the summer a new computer with modem, a photocopier and, hopefully, next Sunday an Inkjet Printer for Sammy's office. It is just a question of how to connect it up, load software programmes and operate - a learning curve we have all experienced, so, perhaps, we should offer Sammy the chance of joining one of the Training Courses, eg CLAIT, which are now available in the UK.

    Please let me know if you can assist with one or several days hospitality.

    The Social Weekend

    Would you like to join like-minded Scouts for a Social Weekend to reminisce, and put together practical plans for the work of the UK-Uganda Scout Network.

    Why not enjoy that weekend break and let others do the work!

    Those interested in sharing this weekend break together, comprising of dinner, bed and breakfast for two nights - late January/early February - in a conveniently located hotel, should let the Network Co-ordinator know as soon as possible, with preferred date. For those wondering what cost, this depends on numbers, quality/standard chosen, and location, ie with or without leisure facilities. Your suggestions are welcome

    Gift Aid

    Do not forget to maximise your support of Scouting by ensuring that you use the Gift Aid facility for any work in support of the Uganda Scout Association and/or other charities - click here for full details

    Network News

    Since we met in October, the e-mails continue to flow with enquiries and interest in our work. Never a day goes by when someone does not contact us for information and advice, not necessarily only connected with Scouting but business opportunities, contacts from others working on projects in Uganda for Aid Organisations Church contacts and advice.