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    Host a Ugandan Scout (Added 14/12/00!)

    The Network Members regularly recieve requests to host a Ugandan Scout for periods of between a few days and a few months.

    Most young people in Uganda finish their school exams during November and do not return to school until February. At certain stages of their education the break can be even longer.

    If you would like to take a Ugandan Scout into your home for a period, no matter how short, please write to the Network Co-ordinator with a Pen Picture of yourself and what you can offer.

    Gift Aid

    Another way to assist Ugandan Scouts it to support their education. Although you can do this direct there are considerable tax benefits by using the Gift Aid scheme which allows the recipient charity to re-claim the tax that you have already paid on the gift part of your earnings. So for no extra cost to yourself the money you give is incresed by around 25%. Any work in support of the Uganda Scout Association or the education of its members qualifies for Gift Aid - click here for full details