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Each year the Gilwell Reunion of Wood Badge holders and others visit Gilwell to meet and also to learn of new developments and opportunities in Scouting. The Reunion often attracts guests and members from overseas.

The International Marquee is a popular venue and the Network has attracted much support through its annual exhibition which has often offered an opporunity to discuss with project organisers what they are intending in coming years as well as to practice practical skills such as brick making!

This year's Reunion brought Peter Scurry who had constructed a 1/4 size model of the proposed workshop in Bulangira. Bulangira in the east of Uganda is location where Surrey is conducting a project with Disabled Scouts. The model was a bit different in that not only did it illustrate the project but enabled passing Scouters to form teams of 4 and race to construct the model. The winning time was about 2 minutes and the team received a bottle of bubbly at the camp fire. Donations were received for the project on a voluntary basis.

Inside the International Tent our hi tech display was impressive, Fran had put together a slide show which was on continuously and projected to a big screen courtesy of Spike, Julian from Hampshire showed the Hampshire Video and slide show on a third screen! 

Static displays by Nick Winter from Bristol about Uganda 2003, Veronica Moloney from Bromley about Mbarara and Dave Thomas also from Bristol about Leader Training.

Dave Mowbry appropriately positioned his UNICEF stand next to ours and together we did a good selling job promoting Scouting Friendships and support for those we care for in Uganda.

This is the way to camp
Two visitors impressed
Watching the slides
Didn't know TVs worked on Matoke
Leader Training meeting
Made easy with Uganda help
Tom Tom
The job finsihed
The Crew

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