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31 December 2002

Mark and Charlotte

Mark Purkiss one of the Network Web Site Team Members visited Uganda with Books for All in 1997 and then the following year to provide Computer Training in Iganga. He was then part of Uganda 2000 where he met Charlotte Hough and on 21st December, 2.5 years later, they were married.

Our congratulations to them both and our good wishes for the life ahead of them.

By the way Mark is a twin and he is the one on the right.

Although this photograph shows there is a difference many of us have been had in the past by their jokes and them playing tricks.

The Network is relaibly told that Charlotte knows the difference.!

Uganda 2003

More than 100 Scouts and Leades will arrive in Uganda during 2003 to carry out community projects and to undertake the Explorer Belt.

Nick's Christmas Message and progress report can be downloaded.


Unfortunately one of the 4 computers donated by Berkshire Scout Enterprises for the Uganda Scout Association has failed ot arrive and is the subject of an insurance claim.

Link to Sponsor


A complete section of this web site is devoted to activity ideas for Scouts of all ages to help leaders deliver the International Element in the programme

Why not visit our Activities pages. If you need any advice or assistance do not hesitate to email the network.


Letter of Invitation

Ugandan Scouts face many problems as part of their ordinary day to day lives but perhaps the greatest problem is to persuade the British High Commission to grant a visa for a visit to the UK.

Quite correctly the BHC need to be convinced that the Ugandan Scout will return home after the visit. There is a history of Scouts and other Ugandan citizens who have remained in the UK after such visits.

We can help in the way we put together the invitation and now a sample letter is available for Groups to use at the time of issuing the invitation.

It is essential that the normal invitation procedures are followed for foreign scout visitors and you should always consult with your ACC(I) and the Network before issuing any inviation to Ugandan Scouts or Leaders.

Africa Scout Fellowship

The Africa Scout Network will hold is inaugural meeting at the Birmingham Scout Headquarters on 2nd March 2003..

Link to Africa Network Meeting


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