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The ambitious Uganda 2000 Programme is aimed at delivering an environment of self-help for the young people of Uganda, spearheaded by the young people of the UK. Young people are a country's future potential and this programme will invest their time and effort in their country in partnership with UK Scouts. The objective is to build on young people's strengths across the UK and into Africa.

Uganda has lost a whole generation through the turbulent years that destroyed the country's infrastructure following 'independence from the United Kingdom. The majority of the population is now under 20 years of age and disease is rife. Despite these difficulties the young people of Uganda have hope and are working hard together to ensure that their country stays peaceful. The schools are operating again and teachers are being trained but the country has few educational resources. (Read about Uganda's troubled past visit www.lonelyplanet.com.)

The Uganda 2000 Programme focuses on the shipping of thousands of resources to Uganda for use in the schools which will be backed up with a training programme targeting adult leaders. This will be a high-profile programme aimed at challenging over half a million young people in the UK Scout Association to provide a developing nation with the resources and knowledge to improve their future.

The Government of Uganda has welcomed the initiative and is giving its full support along with that of both National Scout Headquarters.

The Year 2000 Vision

The Year 2000 vision will be the arrival in Uganda of containers filled with much needed material in parallel with the implementation of an adult training programme.

In a multi approach, young people will be encouraged to plan and organise expeditions across Uganda with visits being made to individual areas, Groups and the Camporee. The Camporee is a biannual event of approximately 3000 youngsters drawn from Uganda and the neighbouring countries of Rwanda, the Congo, Tanzania and Kenya. Held at the Uganda National Camp Site at Kaazi overlooking Lake Victoria it will bring Scouts together breaking down tribal divides and teaching life saving skills.

Many of young Ugandans will have never seen a white person and many will die before reaching middle age but they will have an immediate common bond with the young people from the UK through their Scouting connections

The U2 Programme will give them the possibility of an improved future through education. The aim of U2 is to motivate and challenge young people in the UK and Uganda.

The objectives of U2 are to:

  • supporting a developing country in areas of education
  • heightening of international awareness in both countries
  • communicating with young people of different cultures
  • involving UK Scouts in specific community projects in Uganda
  • encouraging young people to actively partake in local initiatives
  • promoting international visits
  • encouraging the Uganda Scouts to continue to promote the 'immunisation programme
  • collect and ship 10 containers of educational resource material
  • to develop contact with every District in Uganda
  • arrange training programmes for Scout Leaders
  • encourage 200 young people from the UK to participate in expeditions and activities which culminate in the Africa Camporee in the Year 2000

If filling a container is not for you. Other projects could include teaching English at a school for 6 months or so. Climbing Mt Elgon Helping local Scouts to develop their Scouting Skills or you could just Camp and take in the sites and wild life of Uganda. We hope however that your project whatever you decide will benefit the young of the UK and in some way help those in Uganda. Friendships are important and we are sure that you will make many friends. Please remember the UK / Uganda Network is here to help with advice. Most member's have now visited Uganda at least twice.

For more information about the network please E-mail the Network and information about out next meeting will be sent to you in due course.

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