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24 August 2003

Uganda 2003 - Just another quick update for the folks at home...

All xb teams are now finished and we are back in jinja..thre was a great last night party at the Kamuli Country Club when all the teams had arrived, and having done all their projects, now look set to complete their award by giving a unit/district presentation on return in the uk.

Tomorrow is white water rafting and then on to Safari, finishing in Kaazi Scout Camp....can't beleive there is only a week left to go!

Heather Rainsbury

Network Meeting

Do not forget to book your accommodation for our Network Meeting 24/26 October 2003 at Chalfont Heights Scout Camp Site.  It will be an interesting weekend for all. Further information available here.


Uganda 2003 - Mbale - Lukotaime

We have now left Lukotaime, and have arrived in Mbale.

The Mt. Elgon team have now left for their little walk (Cat, Ed, Fran and Tim - Ian has decided not to climb, as he has pulled a back muscle - not anything major, but enough to not risk the 4 day climb).

The rest of us are having a relaxing day, before moving off to Sipi falls this afternoon.

Other than Ian's small problem above, everbody else is in fine shape, if just a little bit exhausted.

Our time in Lukotaime went very fast, 11 days just disappeared. Unfortunately, comms has been very difficult during this time, and still remain difficult (like 2 mins to refresh each screen on the internet connection!).

We achieved a lot in the 11 days. Due to a complication, the pit toilet had to be started from scratch again, in a new location. However, in the 11 days, a new 30ft pit was dug, capped, and the brick work completed to roof height. On the day we left, the door frames were being put in. We have supplied the funding for the toilet block to be completed (including roof, doors and plastering).

We also got a lot further with the double classroom block. When we arrived (to a massive welcome ceromeny), the classroom just had concrete foundations. When we left, all the brick work for the two classrooms were up to roof height, the roofing beams were on, and they were about to start
putting on the tin roof. One of the classroom floors had been concreted, and the other was about to.

We have now provided all of the funding to complete the roof. However, we did not have enough funds to carry out the "finishing" phase. The school will still be able to use the building in this state, but another 4.4 Millions shillings (approx £1,500) is needed for the doors, windows, painting and plastering. Another project for another day........

We also worked very hard on providing a football field for the school. They now have white metal goalposts errected, and a "nearly" flat field - well, a lot flatter than when we started!

All of the local villagers and officials are "over the moon" with what we have done on the buildings, as well as all of the books, educational materials and sports equipment that we have provided. They were so happy and grateful, that they just couldn't express how much it all meant to them.

I think that all of the contingent had a great time in Lukotaime, and it has had a great effect on every member of the team. We were made so welcome, and we were very well looked after. We had no fears about our security or safety at any time at the village.

We are now into the next phase. Hope to write soon.

Julian Sore



Uganda 2005 - West Lancs

West Lancashire are planning a visit to Uganda in 2005 and have already appointedtheir contingent leader - Dave Marsh. For further information contact the network by email

Avon Container

It seems that the Avon Container might at last be making its way to Uganda thanks to the help of Berkshire Scout Enterprises. In 2000 it was hoped to send 10 containers full of education and scout support items but the first 4 got bogged down in red tape and became liable for import duty. Then the President of Uganda came to the rescue but since then exporting this type of "humanitarian aid" has been difficult.

Anyone contemplating sending goods to Uganda should contact the Network for advice.

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