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Below is a selection of my photo's. Please click on the photo to see a larger vesion.

 Team Pic (thumb size (2.5k))    Geoff (thumb size 1.6k)    Scouts (thumb size3.1k)    David (thumb 3.4k)




 Team Photo - Iganga, Uganda July 1997   Geoff, inspecting tents. Iganga Scout Camp, July 1997   Waitambogwe Cubs & Scouts at a house building project   David, GSL of Iganga Pioneer Scouts,
 Marx (thumb size 3.4k)    Dear vistors, you are most welcome (thumb size 3.35k)    Eric investing Ugandan Scouts (thumb size
3k)    Scouts being invested (thumb size 3k)
 17.9k    19.6k    16.6k    16.1k
Marx, GSL of the Waitambogwe Vilage Group. showing a brick making project   A tremendous welcome given to us at one of the many schools we visited.    Over 50 Cubs, Scouts and leader invested. Only one membership badge and no woggles were used.   Charles and others making the Scout sign during investiture
 Ignaga Scouts (thumb size 2.6k)    Scouts (thumbs size 2.6k)    Hathi! (thumb size 3.4k)    ME! (thumb size 2.6k)
 15.1k    17.1k    18k    15.5k
 Iganga Technical College Scouts helping with a litter pick   Warthog on the morning Lawn, over looking Lake Edward   An Elephant, Looking at us 'safe' in our mini bus    Me, Oh that's Sipi falls low on the side of Mt Elgon

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