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This form will subscribe you to the Uganda mailing list which will bring you regular updates about the UK Uganda Network. An e-mail with all the details entered on the form will also be sent to the Coordinator of the Network Marvin Takel

If you have any difficulty using this form, please e-mail your request to uganda2@ugandanetwork.org.uk

An example for each field is given to the right in green - please observe capitalisation examples

1) In which country do you live?
use the drop down menu to select
2) Are you a member of the UK Scout or Guide Association eg as a young member, warranted leader, Fellowship member etc Yes No You must answer yes or no to this question
2a) If you answered yes please give details of your membership in Scouting or Guiding.

Position held

eg Scout Leader

1st AnywhereScout Grp

Somewhere District

Countyshire County

3) A pen picture of yourself:

ie Your scouting involvement, Group, District, County, International activity and interest. Please detail any international connections, visits, jamborees etc.
4) Postal Address Line 1: eg Oakleaves Lodge
5) Postal Address Line 2: eg 12 Far Lane
6) Postal Address Line 3: eg Somewhere village
7) Postal Address Line 4: eg Nowhere town
8) Postal Address Line 5: eg State or District
9) Telephone Number: eg with full dialing code please
10) The details provided in this form will be incorporated into a data base. By clicking on the YES button you will confirm that we may include your details in our database: Yes No
11) Uganda-L Mailing list: Yes No eg select NO to be exculded from the list
12) Do you want to be advised of any Web Site updates: Yes No eg select NO if you do not want to receive information about updates
13) Your name: eg Frank Arthur Someone
14) Preferred Email Address:
NOTE We do not recommend AOL
eg nonexist@compu.co.ko
The UK Uganda Network does not recommend the use of re-direction addresses because experience shows difficulty of delivery and a higher than normal level of bounced mail.
15) Web Page Address
Remember to include the http://, shttp:// or ftp:// at the start of the URL.
eg http://www.compu.co.ko


16) If you have any comments or immediate questions please use the space below:

Please note you must complete sections 13 and 14 to be able to send this message.

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