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Although the site is not large it may still not be easy to locate what you are looking for. To help you find what you are looking for, UK Uganda Network has a comprehensive search engine and a full A-Z index

The Search Engine

[Search] The site search engine can be found by clicking on the Magnifying glass icon ( [Search] ) in the navigation bar which you will find at the top of each page. When you click on this you will be presented a few simple options.

The simplest form of search is to type in the text you want to find into the `Search for' box, and press the button at the bottom.

The output

The search returns 20 pages which match your search criteria. Listed are the title of the page, the description of the page (if there is one) and also the date the page was last modified. Also, if match any words is set it also gives a rating out of five on the quality of the match.
If there are less than a thousand matches then these are sorted ...
... in alphabetic order if match all or exact match is selected
... in match quality order then alphabetical order if match any is selected.

The options

The options around this search box are there to refine your search...
Case sensitive     Check this box if you want the search to distinguish between capital and lower-case letters.
Match whole words Check this box if you want the search to only match whole words, e.g. if this box is checked then searching for 'scout' only matches 'scout' but NOT 'scouting', 'Scouter' or 'Scouters'.
Match exactly
what is entered
If this option is selected match EXACTLY what is in the box, e.g. 'Cub Scout' would match ONLY 'Cub Scout' NOT 'Scout Cub' or 'Cubs and Scouts'
Match all of the words If this option is selected match ALL the words which are in the search box, irrespective of the order they are in, or what comes between them, e.g. 'Cub Scout' would match 'Cub Scout', 'Scout Cub' AND 'Cubs and Scouts'
Match any of the words If this option is selected matches ANY of the words which are in the search box. 'Cub Scout' would match 'Cubs', 'Scouts' AND 'Cubs and Scouts'. If there are less than a thousand matches these are sorted according to the number of words which match.

Special Characters

If you choose either match all of the words/match any of the words there are a number of special characters you can use:
'+' at the start of a word   
Plus word: This word must appear in the matched string (only useful with match any). E.g. '+Cub'
'-' at the start of a word Minus word: This word must not appear in the string -- e.g. '-Cub +Scout' matches phrases which contain the word Scout but NOT the word Cub.
'*' Any number of characters (could be 0)
For example 'Sco*t' would match Scot, Scout or Scouring pot.
Can also be used at the end of a word if 'Match whole words' has been checked to check for words with a given root, e.g. 'Scout*' matches Scout, Scouting and Scouter.
Finally can be used to check for words that are in a given order 'Cub*Scout' will match 'Cubs and Scouts' and 'Cub Scouts' but NOT 'Beaver Scouts and Cubs'.
'?' Matches a any single character: 'C?b' matches Cab, Cob and Cub.
'|' Matches a space and joins two or more words into a single word -- e.g. 'Cub|Scout' matches Cub Scout but not Cubs and Scouts.
'+' NOT at the start of a word The same as '*' but does not match spaces.. So for example 'Sco*t' would match Scot, Scout BUT NOT Scouring pot.

The Site Index

[Site Index] A full A-Z index is available for UK Uganda Network, structured much the same way the index of a book is constructed, with topics, and sub-topics nested underneath


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