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Note the little red discs and indicate files which have been updated within the last week and fortnight respectively.

Maps of Uganda
   Uganda 2000 Project
      Project described
      Project update 240800
   Agandi News Sheet
      No 6
      No 7
   Brombara Project in Bromley and Mbarara
      CampDowne 2000
      Uganda 2000 Project
   Uganda 2000 Project
      Report 230800
   Booking Form
      February 2002
      May 2002
      November 2001
      October 2002
   information on the next meeting of the Network
Minutes of the January 2003 Meeting
   Uganda 2000 Project
      Northumberland [2]
      Project described [2]
Mityana Scout Enterprises
Mobile Phones
   Use in Uganda [2] [3]
   Hampshire Reports
      Uganda 2000 Project
   Uganda 2000 Project
      Project described
   Outspan School Band

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