Brief Itinerary

Week 1
On the day after arrival you will visit the Source of the Nile and see the place where John Speke actually stood. The water falls from Lake Victoria through the Owen Falls Dam (Hydro Electric Station) and onwards through the Budgagali Falls starting its long journey towards Egypt.

Experience Scouting the African Way and complete your InternationalFriendship Awareness Award or Scout World Friendship Badge. You will camp with local Scouts and take part in a community project

Week 2
Some of you will be climbing Mount Elgon and others will see the magnificence of wildlife in a Uganda National Park. You will come face to face with elephants, antelope and warthogs. Take a boat and cruise with the crocodiles.

Week 3
Join the Camporee with over 5000 Scouts for seven days. Help on activity bases and share your Scouting Skills - don't be surprised that you will learn many Scouting skills long forgotten in the UK from Uganda Scouts.

Evenings will be spent around the campfire under the African sky. An experience you will never forget.

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