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    Museveni ensure resources arrive

    Living up to his promise of ensuring that the resources donated during Uganda 2000 would enter the country free of duty the President of Uganda has donated 5m Ugs to ensure that the containers will clear through customs and be delivered to their destinations.

    The Friends of Scouting in Uganda are also working on the release of bicycles and chairs destined for the Avon project at Jinja. They were donated by Berkshire Scout Enterprises but mysteriously got delayed at the Kenyan border.

    Next Meeting

    The next meeting of the Network is to be held in Surrey during the weekend of 11,12,13 May 2001. Click here for the latest information. The meeting will concentrate on plans for future expeditions and will give an opportunity to those interested in visiting Uganda to join existing expeditions or plan new ones.

    The Network is also well known for its active social life at meetings.

    2003 Expedition

    Nick Winter, leader of the Uganda 2000 Explorer Belt and Mount Elgon Expeditions is leading a small expedition to climb Mount Elgon and provide an opportunity to gain the Explorer Belt - Venture Scouting's greatest challenge!

    For further information about this and other expeditions click here.

    Mityana Scout Enterprises

    A partnership between the UK and Uganda, Mityana Scout Enterprises has been formed to build and manage a Scout Centre for the District of Mubende and the people of Mityana.

    The Town Council in Mityana has donated a plot of land to the Uganda Scouts Association for use by the Mubende District Scouts and Friends of Scouting Society Mityana. It is therefore proposed to form a partnership under the title of ‘Mityana Scout Enterprises’ to develop a Centre for the use of both Scouting and the community.

    Looking to the future with the advance of Information Technology, it is appropriate that this Centre should become the Cyber Café of the town, providing training and computer rebuild skills to both Scouting and those in the community.

    This Resource Centre would be home to the Mubende District Scouts for their Leader Training and activities.

    Visit their web site and learn how you can take part.