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Unite was a project of the early 90s run by the Scout Associations of the UK and Uganda in conjunction with UNICEF. The purpose of the project for the UK was to build an understanding among UK Scouts of the problems in the developing world. Uganda was chosen as a former British Protectorate and member of the British Commonwealth, which had been through turmoil since its independence in the 60s. The country is now peaceful and is probably the safest country in Africa despite the conflict in neighbouring countries, particularly in Rwanda and the Congo. The Scouts in Uganda were already working in a small way on health education projects to ensure vaccination of the population against the six killer diseases that are so easily prevented. AIDS is at epidemic levels with up to 40% of babies in some Districts contracting the disease from there parents.

The Project was supported in the UK by some of the best material ever produced by the Scout Association. Many of these activities are now on the Web Site in the Activity Section

The purpose of the project in Uganda was to continue the health education and disease prevention work. Government health care in Uganda is divided into Districts with Scouting Districts having identical geographical areas. These are like our own Scout counties here in the UK. Scouting is school based and very active. Consequently, it is well placed to undertake this work. With the support of the UK Scouts the pilot Districts of Iganga and Tororo in the east, Kampala in the centre, Bushenyi in the west and Arva and Kitgum in north were set up. UK Scouts raised money for the UNITE work by donating money to UNICEF which was then granted to Ugandan Scouts for specific projects within the UNITE Programme.

In Uganda the project lives on to this day. The last decade has not diminished the need for this work amongst young people.

In addition to the money raised for Unite, UK Scouts raised money specifically for the Uganda Scout Association to help re-build their structure and support teams. The money was used to provide telephones and a FAX machine. To provide motor cycles and bicycles for leaders to be able to move around the Districts many of which are remote and without any form of public transport and local services.

Many of us can remember wearing the Unite Badge during the project year at the end of which it was donated to Uganda. These badges are now on sale in Uganda and raise much need funds for Ugandan Scouts. Although this was a few years ago, Unite in Uganda is still very strong and new districts are still joining although the post of Uganda Unite Coordinator has now gone, the job being absorbed into the other duties of a small Headquarters Staff. Unite remains a strong part of Ugandan Scouting and helped by UNICEF continues to promote awareness of the dangers of AIDs and other preventable diseases such as Polio and Tetanus, etc.

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