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    New Staff Appointed

    The last person appointed National Executive Commissioner for the Uganda Scouts Association has left the post and a replacement is being sought.

    Bulangira Disbled Association

    With the help of UK Scouts the Bulangira Disables Association is developing a vocational workshop facility to enable members to be trained to in various skills and to produce goods for sale.

    In March 1997 the Association was able to buy land from the GOLI School Authority with a kind gift from the Area memeber of Parliament the Honourable R Juliet Kafire. Foundations have been layed for the proposed workshop and office.

    The Association presently has 150 members of all ages including adults. They have all kinds of disabilities.

    The Scout Troop has 22 members ranging in age from 6 to 13 yeras. A young man called Sam is their Troop Leader In August 2000 the Pallisa Team of Uganda 2000 visited the Association.

    You can help is to provide the 15000 for the project. Already 4500 has been promised.

    Please Email Betty and Peter Scurry for further information.

    Gilwell Reunion

    The UK Uganda Network will be present at "A Scout Odyssey" (An eventful journey) at the Gilwell Reunion during the first weekend in September. You can find the Network in the International Marquee.

    Mityana Progress

    Mityana Scout Enterprises held its first meeting and layed plans for the support for this project to build a computer training facility at Mityana in Mubende District. Geoff Breeden OBE has accepted the leadership of the project.

    Francesca runs for Uganda

    Francesca Salussolia is running for Uganda in a London Marathon. NO! not the famous one but one which she hopes will be equally successful in raising funds for their return expedition to Uganda in 2003. The marathon hopes to attract over 20,000 to the event in Hyde Park on 2nd September.

    If you can help Francesca to the end of the course with a donation to the cause or sponsorship the contact her by Email  or visit her Web Site