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16 August 2003

Uganda 2003 18th August 2003 - Lukotaime

This is passed on from the Lukotaime group, via the support team...

'Hi guys, everybody is ok and everything is going fine. The classroom building is progressing very fast and we hope to see the roof on this week.

The toilet block is still being dug, but we have been busy flattening the new football pitch from termite mounds! and moving lots of bricks.

Communications are poor and there isn't much phone signal...only on trips
down to Kamuli town, so we will send messages when we can...3 more
days in lukotaime before we move on!

From the team xx'

From Julian Sore for the Lukotaime Team


Uganda 2003 - 18th August 2003 - XB Support

We've had a hectic weekend, especially after the car break down, but everything is now sorted! We had a different vehicle delivered to us on Buwenda site, as by the time we had left Jinja after our last update, we
only had gears 1, 3 and 5 working!!

So we jumped in the 4x4 and headed up to lukotaime. There we checked on their progress...all is going well and spent the night, after a banquet of fresh goat and matoke! Sunday we took David Bull out in the 4x4 around the Kamuli district to visit our XB teams...he had actually bumped into one on the way to lukotaime the day before!

But we have now checked in with all the teams twice, and everyone is fine. They are all getting on well with their Ugandan Scouts and seem to be
enjoying their projects....Yately had better watch out as Ross and Matt have not only learned the skills of fully preparing chicken, they have
practised it a few times now!!!...no chicken is safe!

We are now all set to meet them on the final day at the Kamuli Country Club (not as posh as it sounds!), but it has beds and showers so i think
that's all they'll care about come day 10!!

Bye for now

Heather Rainsbury
Uganda XB Support

Uganda 2003 - 18th August 2003 - Mbale

Greetings again from Mbale. Today has seen the contingent in Mbale complete a multitude of tasks started over the last few days

The Basketball court has been restored to is full working order and an opening match between Mbale SS and a Uganda 2003 select 'V' has been arranged.

We have been busy finishing the painting of the outside of another building here at Mbale SS and have visited the Childrens Restoration Outreach center (for homeless
and orphaned children here in Mbale.

The most unusual task of the trip so far has been a challenge laid down by the newly formed Africa Network to send back Christmas card images from Africa in
August - a challenge not taken lightly and the images have been duely dispatched - another point to the Uganda network me thinks

All are well

Bob Turnbull
Uganda 2003 News, Mbale

Photos from Uganda

You can find photos from Uganda as the come in in our Photoalbum including a sneak preview of what the Network's Christmas Card on sale soon might look like.

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