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Apac District

2000 Reports from Apac | Apac Project Photographs

Apac District is situated to the north of Kampala approximately three hours by car from the outskirts of the capital. To get to the town from the northern road out of Kampala through Lowero means crossing the Nile at Masinidi Port or taking the long way round via the beautiful Karuma Falls. Connections with UK Scouts and Guides were established with Billericay but went quiet due to the troubles in that area.

More recently Dennis Taylor, then Beaver Helper in Farnsfield worked with the Bishop of Apac and later Chris Wilkinson also from Farnsfield established renewed contacts with Scouts and some of the local Schools.

Led by Jill Gloster a Unit of 8 will help to build a Scout Training Centre in the town to help the development of Scouting in the area.

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