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  • Visit to 6th/11th Welwyn Garden City Scout Group by 5th/10th Lango Scouts Venturers from the Bura Bora Missionary School in Lira


  • Expedition to Uganda by 5th Royal Eltham Venture Scout Unit
  • Initial contacts with The Friends of Scouting Society Uganda.
  • Berkshire Scout Fellowship - support for Sammy Semkumba the Executive Secretary of The Friends of Scouting Society, Uganda
  • Northumberland Venture Scouts visit to discuss a project to construct a Training Centre at Kaazi


  • Berkshire Scout Fellowship support The Friends of Scouting Society, Uganda


  • Northumberland Venture Scouts - Building Training Centre Look Wide House Kaazi.
  • International Fellowship (IFOSAG) - Director of Development Alan K B Beavis - Study Visit to Uganda
  • Mityana - start of the Pig Rearing Project
  • Sponsorship for Sammy Senkumba - The Friends of Scouting Society, Uganda to attend the International Fellowships General Assembly in Italy


  • UNITE is launched in the UK and Uganda
  • UNITE Team Visit to Uganda


  • Unite Study Visit leading to the formation of the UK Uganda Network
  • Avon Venture Scouts - 10 Year Project - Year 1
  • Avon Scouts provide a brick making machine for Mukono Scout District


  • Avon Venture Scouts - 10 Year Project - Year 2
  • 1st Farnsfield Venture Scouts visit and Friendship First is launched


  • 1st Farnsfield Venture Scouts and Leaders visit Uganda and make a video and sound recording.
  • Surrey Venture Scouts - Baden Powell House, Kampala
  • Northampton Scout Leaders visit Uganda
  • Uganda Scouts' visit to Surrey, December
  • Avon Venture Scouts - 10 Year Project - Year 3


  • Global Development Village - World Scout Jamboree - Holland
  • Northamptonshire Bwaise Project planning visit
  • Seaton Valley District Scout Fellowship, Northumberland - Mityana Link
  • Avon Venture Scouts - 10 Year Project - Year 4
  • Outspan School and Bwera, Kasese Visit - Chris Wilkinson 1st Farnsfield Scout Group
  • Surrey Books for All filled a container
  • Gilwell Reunion - promoting UK Uganda Network
  • Radnor Venture Scout Unit, Denton, Wiltshire - UNITE / UNICEF
  • 1st Winslow (Phantoms) Cub Scouts support pig rearing at Mityana


  • Avon Venture Aid, Planning Visit (Colin Bennett)
  • Surrey - 'Books for All' July - Iganga Technical College
  • Northamptonshire Bwaise July
  • Andrew & Adam Graves' Diary for Bwaise
  • 1st Farnsfield Scout Group - Friendship First Typewriters and Sewing machines
  • Loddon Valley District Scout Fellowship, Berkshire, Support Pig Rearing Project - Mityana District
  • Northamptonshire Venture Scouts Project to redecorate Outspan School
  • Anne Whiteford (Gilwell Park) visits Uganda to evaluate the UNITE activities.
  • Trio Primary School, Mityana
  • Mukono District Project - Bee Keeping
  • Irish Trefoil Guild and B-P Scouts support Pig Rearing Project, Mityana
  • Uganda Scouts Association - Infrastructure Project - UK Scout Association
  • Uganda Scouts Association - Venture Scout Handbook
  • Mbarara Project, Nyamutanga - 13th Bromley Scout Group
  • John Fashanu UNICEF trip to Uganda - November
  • Avon Venture Scouts - 10 Year Project - Year 5
  • Books for All Surrey project at Iganga Technical College
  • Pearl of Africa Study Tour by UK Uganda Network Members
  • Gilwell Reunion - promoting UK Uganda Network


  • Avon Venture Scouts - 10 Year Project - Year 6
  • Avon Venture Scouts - Scout Skills Training
  • Computer Training - Surrey / Iganga
  • Surrey Books for All evaluation visit
  • Northumberland Maintenance Visit - Look Wide House at Kaazi
  • Uganda Scouts Association - Infrastructure Project - UK Scout Association Year 2
  • Seaton Valley District Scout Fellowship support for the Mityana District Scouts
  • 1st Farnsfield Scout Group, Friendship First Chris Wilkinson helps the Scouts who are to visit Sherwood 98.
  • Avon Venture Scouts - 10 Year Project - Year 6
  • Africa Camporee Kaazi attended by 9 UK Scouts and Leaders including 1st Farnsfield, Farnham, Norwich, 3rd Royal Eltham.
  • Uganda 2000 launched at the Gilwell Reunion
  • Nathan and Livingstone from the Peace School, Mityana visit the UK
  • 70 Young Girl Guides and Scouts visit Sherwood 98 - 1st Farnsfield Scout Group
  • A Patrol of Uganda Scouts attend the World Jamboree in Chile assisted by the UK Scout Association
  • 10 Uganda Scouts visit Surrey


  • 52nd Reading Scout Group supports the Mityana Pig Rearing Project
  • 11th Bromley Scout Group visit Mbarara - the Brombara Project
  • Uganda Scouts Association - Infrastructure Project - UK Scout Association - year 3
  • Uganda 2000 planning visit by Project Team
  • Avon Venture Scouts - 10 Year Project - Year 7
  • Gilwell Reunion promoting Uganda 2000
  • Northamptonshire help with the construction of classrooms at Bwaise
  • Mark Purkiss Surrey Computer Training updates
  • International Commissioner visits Uganda
  • Northamptonshire -= Bwaise Project - follow up construction of Classrooms


  • Uganda 2000 commences
  • Eric Goulding and Marion Stagg (Uganda 2000 CPC) visit Uganda
  • The President of Uganda sends a message of support
  • Uganda 2000 Leader Training courses are held in Uganda
  • Avon Venture Scouts - 10 Year Project - Year 8
  • Northamptonshire County Scout Project - completion of classroom block at Outspan School
  • Friendship First - Bwera Polytechnic College visited to assess development plans
  • Northumberland County Scouts visit to Mityana
  • Emma Stubbs and Kris Roberts, young leaders from Northamptonshire Adult Training Team, use their skills at Outspan School and to assist the Street Kids Scouts Project.
  • 10 Scouts from Mbarara joined the 11th Bromley Scout Group and made friends with 2000 Scouts at CampDowne 2000  The group included two blind scouts.
  • Advance Party leaves at the beginning of August for Uganda
  • 150 Scouts leave for Uganda 2000
  • 5 Containers with resources collected by Scouts from Beavers to Fellowship Members, leave on their long journey to Uganda.
  • UK sponsors to Ugandan Scout to the 11th World Scout Moot
  • Steve Hall and Derek Pollard visit Surrey Project
  • Elspeth and Peter Eggleton start work with Uganda Scouts Association on a 5 year plan
  • November - David McKee, Dave Mowbray and Alan Beavis visit Uganda to assess uganda 2000
  • 1st Reigate Scout Group visit the Peace School at Mityana
  • Fish Rearing Project in Mokono


  • Northamtonshire Project - Keith Shackleton visit to Uganda to review progress at Outspan and the Street Kids Project
  • 7th Epsom Scout Group - Neil Dallen oversee completion of the Well Project.
  • Avon Venture Aid, Jinja. Esther Parker visit to investigate teaching assistance at the local hospital.
  • Sunshine Poject - Elspeth and Peter Eggleton visit.
  • Northampton District Scouts - Diane MacKie visit to Street Kids Project, Kampala
  • Mbale, Soroti, Lukatiaime in Kamuli Distrtict. Marvin Takel, BOb Turnbull nad Julian Sore in Planning for 2003
  • Explorer Belt Presentations to local and District Meetings.
  • Containers arrived in Uganda and contents distributed.
  • Saffe in Uganda - link with Reading University.
  • DHL Discount Scheme for goods to Uganda.
  • Uganda 2003 planning stage - Nick Winter.
  • Mityana Scout Enterprises Launched by Alan Beavis.
  • Another Container planned to go to Uganda from Bristol.
  • BP House Repairs paid for by UK Scouts.
  • Bulangira Disabled Association Palisa.


  • Mbale, Soroti, Lukatiaime in Kamuli Distrtict. Marvin Takel, Bob Turnbull and Julian Sore in Planning for 2003
  • Northamtonshire Project - Keith Shackleton visit to Uganda to review progress at Outspan.
  • Mitiyana Community Enterprises - Geoff Breedon, Dave Mowbray and Julian Cooksley visit the Project.
  • Pross - Wedding in Kampala
  • Avon Venture Aid Year 10
  • Scout Skills Leader Training  - visit by David Thomas, Veronica Moloney and William Barnes February 2002
  • Visit to Apac projects
  • 7th Epsom Group Scout Leader Neil Dallen's visit to assess new project
    Twinning Link for 2003
  • Mbarara Camp Site Project and relatonships in Bushenyi, Iganga and Mokono renewed
  • Wakiso, Mayuge and Kayunga - New Uganda Districts visited
  • Street Kids Project, Kampala.  Return visit by Diane Mackie
  • Mityana Community Enterprises - planning visit late 2002
  • Revd John Wilkinson, Oxford project visit
  • March 2002 - The Uganda Scouts Association - request for funding for
    fencing of Baden-Powell House, Kampala.  Quotations £5000 and/or £
  • October 2002 - 33rd Oxford (Kidlington) Scout Group, Mowgli Cub Scout
    Pack, did a good turn and raised £150 for the Kanada Open Scout and
    Guide Troop, Kampala, Uganda.  The money was passed to Nicholas
    Kamya Sempala by Marvin Takel on his visit in February 2003.
  • November 2002 - 4th Hale (Greater Manchester West) Scout Group -
    Contact Lucy Nattrass - International Friendship Award Day Saturday 8
    March - resources supplied - Peter and Betty Scurry attended and
    received a cheque for Bulangira Disabled Association.
  • November 2002 - Uganda Scout Association request for printers for
    computers at B-P House Kampala.


  • Uganda 2003 Explorer Belt Expedition, Soroti, Lukataime, Mbarara, Masindi, Mount Elgon Climb, Tororo
  • Avon Venture Aid Completion of Project, Reunion and handover.
  • Bulangira Disabled Association.  Develop Project
  • January 2003 - International Link - enquiry G5959 - Angela McCluskie -
    Beaver Scout Colony and Cub Scout Pack 19th Swindon Scout Group -
    ideas in fundraising for link.
  • February 2003 - 1st Westerfield Scout Group - Beaver Colony - Contact
    Anna Templeman.
  • February 2003 - Festivals Around the World Workshop at Lakes School
    Windermere - Contact Clare Woolaghan.
  • February 2003 - Friendships/Support request from Stanley Ndawula -
    student Kampala.
  • March 2003 - Outspan School Band request to replace Brass Band
    instruments - taken by Eddie - the teacher - when he changed schools.
  • March 2003 -  Re-location to Uganda - Patricia Agbewornu.
  • March 2003 - Kampala Police Department - Computers - suggestion from
    Keith Shackleton that we supply computers via John Hunwick at Backpackers, Kampala.
  • March 2003 - Looking for Rev. Philip Osiro - last working in Ingana - from Kerrie Sullivan
  • March 2003 - West Lancashire Project 2005 - Contact Dawn Riddell.
  • April 2003 - Ingana - request for information from Salim Muman.
  • May 2003 - Ian Allerton, Stafford - Looking for Links
  • May 2003 - Patil - a colleague from India interested in our work
  • May 2003 - Milton Weisigwa - seeking sponsorship for his brothers and sisters education
  • May 2003 - Vicky sigman - trying to contact Rachel Percy 
  • Mityana Community Enterprise Project.

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