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Mbarara District

2000 Reports from Mbarara | Mbarara Project Photographs

Mbarara District is three hours drive by car to the south west of Kampala. it is situated at the junction of the road south to Rwanda and Tanzania, west to The Congo and north to Sudan. It has seen its troubles in the past but is now peaceful and welcoming to British Scouts.

The District already has a partnership in Scouting with Bromley. Brombara has brought strong friendship links to the Scouts in the District. Brombara was proposed by Veronica Moloney, a nurse in the catholic dispensary at Nyamitanga in Mbarara in the 70s, together with her friend Pascal Ngaro, Scout Leader at a local school.

Mbarara is where Scouting in Uganda started and is of great historic significance. At the school where it was born, the Mbarara High School, 8 young people from Nottinghamshire and Norfolk will join local Scouts to start work on a Memorial Building in memory of Canon Grace, found of Scouting in Uganda.

More work will be done on the Rwizi Campsite and there will also be time to plant many trees in the District. Promises have been made that before the British arrive much work will have been done on leveling and fencing as well as digging latrines. If all of this work is complete then the visitors will make a start on the planned assault course.

The visiting Scouts will also get their first taste of Ugandan Scout Camping during a weekend District Camp at Rwizi before travelling with some of them to the Camporee at Kaazi.

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