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Masindi District

2000 Reports from Masindi | Masindi Project Photographs

Masindi District is situated to the north west of Kampala on the banks of Lake Albert and across the Lake is The Congo. It is approximately 4 hours by car from Kampala and is one of the many very beautiful areas of Uganda having the Murchison Falls National Park to the north. Here most of the Uganda 2000 will hope to see large game living in its natural habitat. The north and the east of the District are bordered by the Victoria Nile.

Carol Bowen (Hampshire) will lead the largest Uganda 2000 Unit of 40 Scouts and Leaders who have been asked to help local Scouts build a Scout Office udnertake First Aid Training and Well clearing. This is the first visit of UK Scouts to Misindi to establish friendship with Masindi Scouts.

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