Sounds of Uganda

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  1. Baden Powell is our Founder
    You will hear this song in many different forms sung by Scouts around the country
  2. Scouts We!
    You had better jump to attention and listen when you hear "Scouts We" and the response is ?
    Followed by numbers recorded in Bushenyi District at the home of the former Chief Scout
  3. The Outspan School Band
    A magical performance on instruments we would throw away
  4. The Outspan School Choir
    we have rights! and fight disease!
  5. Simba
    a traditional start to a Cub Pack meeting
  6. Let us fight hunger
    As Scouts recovered from the ravages of war in the Kasese Region they sang to tell the country of their hopes for the future
  7. Traditional Ugandan dance and song
    recorded high up in the hills of Bushenyi District at a schools music competition
  8. We praise and thank the NRA
    Scouts in Kasese District at Bwera very near to the border with The Congo giving thanks for the liberation This school has since been over-run with rebels and several of the children were taken. They are believed to be dead.
  9. Oh Uganda we have suffered
    the dark years in Uganda saw many people killed. Today whilst the country is mostly peaceful, those children in the north and the west live on the front line. We pray they will not suffer in the future.
  10. Uganda, Pearl of Africa
    Winston Churchill called Uganda "The Pearl of Africa" - these children hope Uganda will rise again.
  11. A word to you dear visitors
    a plea to the UK to help Scouting develop again in Uganda
  12. Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria
    songs about health are an important way in Uganda to spread the message disease can be prevented
  13. Avonja
    years ago the Avon County set up a project in Jinja to build a camp centre on the banks of the river Nile
  14. People always ask us who we are
    in Scout Uniform, in Uganda you will be asked where you come from

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