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Iganga District

Iganga Project 2000 | Project Photographs

Probably the most experienced of the Unit Leaders from a Ugandan point of view was Mark Purkiss and his 11 strong Unit all came from Surrey except for Ian Lawson from Hampshire. The Unit included quite a number of young people. Here is the initial contribution from Mark.

Heavy rains hampered the progress of the Igangan Unit led by Mark Purkiss, a Cub Scout Leader in Farnham, Surrey. His is the youngest Unit in the country and they are working hard on a classroom project for a local school. This school has few resources and more than 200 children to a class.

Mark reports: We arrived in Iganga on Monday the 14th after a short drive from the camp site in Jinja. Our small group of 11 were ushered into a small office to receive a warm welcome from the Town Mayor. In the blistering heat we set up camp and acclimatised, the team organised a shopping party who went to the local market to find supplies.

Then the rain came, and it didn't stop, in the five days that we have been in Uganda it has rained for three of them.

Several tents were washed out at Jinja and we had only just got them dry when it rained again.

Our village project is well under way and going strong, despite the rain and Purkiss's jokes.

Everyone is enjoying themselves and is in perfect health.

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