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Entebbe District

2000 Reports from Entebbe | Entebbe Project Photographs

Entebbe District is situated to the south of Kampala approximately 45 minutes by car from the capital. Entebbe is the airport gateway on the world for Uganda and the story of an amazing resuce by Israelie Commandoes was the central story of the film "Escape from Entebbe". Entebbe is also the place where President's have in the past lived but todays President lives in the capital.

The new fast road from makes travel into the capital quick and easy. Entebbe is home of UNEPI Uganda Extended Programme of Immunisation, aid agencies and several international standard hotels. There is also a botanical garden where rare plant species can be seen at close quarters as well as a small part of an equatorial rain forest.

The Mayor of Entebbe will welcome the Uganda 2000 expedition on its arrival.

Steve Fitzwater, Scout Leader in Nottinghamshire and James Carrott will work with Scouts in the District to establish a vocational training centre on Scout Land.

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