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You are amongst friends in Uganda and the people you will have met are indeed very friendly and of course you would like to offer them the same hospitalities that you have enjoyed, back here in the UK.

We can easily get a visa to visit Uganda, for Ugandans to visit the UK the difficulties are enormous and so to throw out a casual invitation could start you and your Ugandan friend on a rough road ahead ending in disappointment.

The plain fact of life is that many Ugandans come to the UK each year and do not return home.

Here are a few experiences.

A District Commissioner casually said in his thank you speech "If ever you are in the UK, please do some and stay with us, you will be very welcome". A few months later 20 had applied for and got visas to come to the UK at Christmas (a most difficult time of year to have visitors staying in your family). They arrived and within days many of them had disappeared. Although most eventually went back, it left disappointment amongst their UK hosts, a small number of illegal immigrants and difficulties for years to come in getting Scouts into the UK.

A Group Scout Leader invited 20 young people to attend a Scout Camp in the UK and enjoy home hospitality, all were under 15 with no family connections in the UK, all got visas and all returned home.

A Cub Leader whilst visiting Uganda made friends with a teenage boy (19) and invited him to the UK for 3 months. He had no settled job, no apparent Scouting connections and she had no specific reason other than friendship to invite the boy. His application was refused amidst tears and much sorrow.

There are some things to do before applying for a visitors visa.

Check List and Notes

  1. The applicant must have a passport before making application for a visa.
  2. If the young person is below normal working age in the UK then it will be easier to get a visa
  3. There should be no family or friendship connections in the UK
  4. There must be evidence that there is a good reason to return home eg course of study, good job, family
  5. There must be a good reason for the visit, friendship is usually insufficient.
  6. You must be able to provide evidence that you can support the applicant. In many cases you will be paying the air fare.
  7. A history of going out fo the country and returning will help.
  8. If there are Scouting or Guiding connections the support and approval of Baden-Powell House, Kampala should be sought.
  9. Always complete the application truthfully revealing all relevant facts including any previous applications.
  10. On the day of application for the visa, the applicant should arrive early, perhaps around 6am. The visa office in Parliament Avenue takes applicants in strict order. The applicant will have a short interview at the counter to ensure the form is correct and then be allocated for a more detailed interview. If this is a second application following refusal then a second form must have been completed.
  11. The applicant should appear confident, friendly and open to offer all information. The applicant should not fear British Officials or processes.

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