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UK contingent to the Ugandan Camporee 1998

Photographs of the 1998 Camporee

This August a team of Scouts and leaders spent up to 3 weeks in Uganda. The team was made up of Scouts and leaders from all over the UK. Those of the team that had been to Uganda before continued some of their own links and friendships. Those visiting for the first time made many friends. The Scouts, one as young as eleven all wish to return to Uganda again. They must have enjoyed it!

The Ugandan Camporee had over 5000 Scouts attended and pictures were shown on Ugandan TV. Ugandan Scouts build their shelters (As tents are hard to come by.) Many of the camper were taking part in the finals of the National camping competition, many elaborate camp gadgets were made for this as each patrol strive to be the most imaginative. The team was tasked with producing a daily camp newspaper. Using a digital camera and a laptop this was duly achieved. The Uganda Scouts were surprised to see themselves being printed after just 10 minutes in some cases.

As well as visiting the Camporee the team toured around Uganda visiting Scouts from, Kampala, Mukono, Iganga, Soroti, Kumi, Lira, Apac, Mbarara, Kasese & Bushenyi. Over 1500km were travelled and a wide variety of people and activities were seen including the Outspan School Scout Band (see the Bwaise page) and the Blind Scouts from Mbarara (see Brombara.) Whilst driving around the team took in some of the wonder's of Uganda including the Source of the Nile, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kitagata Hot springs.

The team say they had a wonderful time and many have already committed to returning in the year 2000.
If you are interested in camping in Uganda with other like minded people then please contact the UK /Uganda network

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