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Music, dancing and singing are very important to the Ugandan people. They are used to accompany the daily tasks such as pounding millet in to flour, ploughing and fishing, as well as to celebrate family occasions. Many instruments are handmade by the people themselves using the available natural materials or even recycling scrap materials. Music is also very important for Scouts at camp and is often used to welcome visitors.

Listen to music and songs by Uganda Scouts in these real audio tracks.

A Ugandan Drum

The drum represents Uganda's culture. The drum is common throughout the country. It is used as a percussion instrument for various traditional dances, ceremonies and for communication.

Make your own drum

diagram of a drum. Note this is a pdf file for which you will need Adobe Acrobat.

What to do

  1. Cut out two circles of polythene each 10cm (4in) larger than the diameter of the tin.
  2. Pierce holes at 3cm (11/2 in) intervals around the edge of each of the polythene circles about 3cm (11/2 in) from the edge.
  3. Thread string through the holes in each plastic sheet and tie tightly over each open end of the tin.
  4. Join the two sheets of polythene by threading cord between the string at the top and bottom of the tin to increase the tension.


Programme Ideas

Beat Your Own Drum

  1. Use the drum to beat out a tune. Have a competition to see if the Scouts in your Patrol can recognise the tune.
  2. Invite some local folk musicians to come along and explain the history and traditionof the folk music from your locality. The Scouts could learn some folk music and perform it at a camp or parent's evening.
  3. Invite each Patrol to sing two songs or play two pieces of music of their own choice which show different styles and tempos.
  4. Invite the Scouts to discuss the different attitudes to music that Scouts of Uganda and Scouts in the United Kingdom have.
  5. Visit a local jazz Club or concert performance and discuss the programme and performances afterwards.
  6. Organise a short campfire or sing song to finish the Troop meeting. Learn a song from Uganda or write a song to pass an important message to other young people.
  7. Arrange a pop quiz complete with tapes and use a variety of music for example Scout songs, pop music, classical music, theme tunes of adverts and television programmes.

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