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    3 Leaders involved in car accident

    Veronica Moloney, Bill Barnes and Dave Thomas are now all returned to the UK and are slowly recovering from the accident in which they were involved in Misindi on Saturday 16th February. [ previous report ]

    Bill Barnes and Dave Thomas had returned on a heavily booked British Airways flight the day after the accident with Dave requiring surgery on his broken limbs.

    Veronica had a stream of visitors, first from Tom Maxwell Ngobi from the Outspan School who visited on behalf of the Web Site Team and Network Members and then from Pross at BP House Kampala and then Veronica's friends from Mbarara with who she had intended working on Leader Training. All of this encouraged her recovery and she was able to return home on Thursday evening.

    She is known to be very week from her ordeal but recovering well. All our thoughts and prayers are with all three of the Leaders.

    Networks Information Sheet

    A new information sheet about the Scout Networks is being published. You can download a pdf copy here

    Uganda 2003

    There are various opportunities for Explorer Scouts, Venture Scouts and Scout Network Members to participate in activities through the Network in 2003.  These activities are being planned through a Core Team, co-ordinated by Marvin Takel and comprising of the Leader from each of the activities.  We have suggested a maximum of 100 participants in groups of approximately 15 to 20.

    These activities are as follows:

    • Explorer Belt Expedition, ie teams of 3 UK Scouts linking with a Ugandan Scout - co-ordinated by Nick Winter.  
    • Soroti - continuing a project with the Scouts in a school, started in 2000 - co-ordinated by Chris Boorman.
    • Lukataime - continuing a project started in 2000 in guiding, assisting and financing the local Scouts and community in building their local school - co-ordinated by Fran Salussolia and Julian Sore.
    • Mbale - continuing assisting local Scouts and the community - co-ordinated by Lee Carrott.  
    • Masindi - continuing work developed by the Hampshire contingent in 2000 - co-ordinated by Phil Morley.  
    • Mount Elgon Climb - there will be an opportunity for Members of each of the parties to climb Mount Elgon - co-ordinated by Nick Winter and his team.  
    • Tororo - this is a separate project being run by the 13th Epsom Scout Group and their local church - co-ordinated by Neil Dallon.
    It is proposed that the Core  Team will facilitate flights, transport, support facilities and food with each party being responsible for their own finance.

    There will, of course, be other visits in connection with reunion for the completion of the 10 year Avon/Jinja Partnership, ongoing work by Northamptonshire Scouts at Outspan School and Street Kids Project, Kampala, together with other one-to-one arrangements.