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    3 Leaders involved in car accident

    On Saturday 16th February three Uganda Network members were involved in a collision between the car in which they were travelling and a local mini-bus. The three leaders, Dave Thomas, Bill Barnes and Veronica Moloney were taken to Kampala's International Hospital. Two passengers in the mini-bus also sustained injuries.

    Dave, Bill and Veronica had recently arrived in Uganda to organise Leader Training for Uganda Scout Leaders and were travelling in the Misindi District when the accident took place. UK VSO workers Bill Dalton and his wife arrived on the scene soon after the accident and organised the care of the injurred and the onward transport to Kampala.

    Dave Thomas who has fratured his arms and Bill Barnes who needed stitches to his face have since returned home by British Airways scheduled flight whilst Veronica Moloney remains in Kampala hoping to return on Tuesday evening's BA flight. As well as having broken ribs sustained by pressure from the seat belt, her general health needed to be stabalised. Bill Dalton and his wife remain with Veronica at the International Hospital.

    Network members have asked Tom Ngobi to visit Veronica this morning (Monday) and to take our good wishes. Contact has been made with Paddy Moloney in Bromley.

    We look forward to her early return to the UK and of all three of our Leaders to good health.

    Core Team Meeting 7th April

    The Core Team will meet on 7th April 2002 to review the present situation and arrangements for future expeditions. Although already scheduled for 7th April the Team will review its insurance and undertake a risk assessment following the accident in Uganda. Also on the agenda is a progress review on Uganda 2003 and the Mityana Community Enterprises Project.

    Greetings 88

    88 members and friends of the Network sent greetings to the February Meeting.

    Badges for Uganda

    A mystery donation of badges has brought smiles to the faces of 100 Scouts in Uganda who now proudly wear the World Membership Badge. The donation came to the Network with no letter but was posted in the Southampton area.

    Our thanks to whoever sent the badges.