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Singing for the King!

Sunday continued. The day started with really brilliant Uganda weather but later the heavens opened with a magnificent thunderstorm and equatorial rain flooding the camp site. Only one terrace was affected but to a depth of around 5". Transport up and down the lane to the site had to be abandoned in favour of paddling through orange / red mud. The sunshine following quickly after the rain soon dried out the campsite and the Scouts!

Watching steam rising from a Group of UK Scouts is indeed a strange sight.

The King of Bsoga visited the site to greet the UK Contingent and everyone was entertained to traditional African Song and Dance (provided by Father Patrick of Jinja). The UK Contingent offered a rendition of "Singing in the Rain" - should really have been Singing after the Rain!

A relaxing evening was spent at the Jinja Sailing Club where good food, swapping experiences and resting weary legs was the order of the eve. For a few the first delights of Nile Special! The Sailing Club is on the banks of Lake Victoria offering a wonderful location for this celebration.

This morning, Monday, the Camp Site at Jinja is deserted with all except the Explorer Belt Unit leaving for the various parts of Uganda to undertake community projects. The Explorer Belt Unit leaves Tuesday.

The nerve centre of the operation for UK Scouts is Kampala Base (temporarily located at Jinja on Saturday and Sunday) which at 6pm Uganda time had moved back to Kampala. The staff of the base include Service Crew Leader, Andrew Cooke and PRO Chris Foote. This evening they will be making contact with most Units around the country. South Hampshire have 20+ in Murchison Falls National Park whilst the rest are climbing mountains.

Photos are awaited and expected this evening.