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    Avonja Project - land deal concludes

    Members of the UK-Uganda Network are known for their tolerance, understanding, perseverance and, more importantly, seeing Projects through to a successful conclusion.

    What better example can we quote than the news received early this morning, that the Land Deed Documents for the site developed by Avon Scouts at Buwenda - the B-P Training Centre and Camp Site - had finally been completed and are en route to the Uganda Scouts Association in Kampala.  This achievement cannot go without recognition to the numerous trips made by Mike Bell and Colin Bennett in particular to secure the future of Avon Scouts' investment for the Scouts, particularly in Jinja, and the Uganda Scouts Association.

    The story of the hurdles overcome on the way, would make an interesting book and the lessons learnt will help others with their Projects in the future.

    Congratulations to the Avon Team,  for the news comes as we enter the 10th year of this Project. It will be interesting to see whether or not  any of the Beaver Scouts from 1992/3, etc. who raised money in the beginning, will be visiting the completed Project.

    Why not join Avon Venture Scouts Reunion in 2003?  Not forgetting their visit in August 2002.

    New Year's Greeting from Uganda

    To: All National Scouts Associations in Africa Britain, Canada, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan From: Chief Commissioner- Uganda Scouts Association

    Happy New Year to you all brothers and sisters in scouting.

    We in Africa look back to the year 2001 with pride having successfully held the 1st African Scout Summit in Mafeking, South Africa and gone on to adopt the 10 year Development Plan for Scouting on the continent in Libreville, Gabon.

    We now focus on the challenges ahead of us this year as we tackle the implementation of the plan while at the same time counting 5years before the Centenary of Scouting.

    In Uganda this year our four priorities are;

    Lighting up our National Camp Site - Kaazi Building a home for the Street Scouts ( Sunrise Children) Sensitizing the out of School Youth on HIV/AIDS Improved communication locally and internationally (Securing at least 4 new computers) We believe that together we can achieve our goals.

    Happy New Year once again.
    Victoria Nlongo
    Chief Commissioner

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    Welcome to Mayuge

    The UK Uganda Network welcomes a new Ugandan District and its new Scout Commissioner. The new District is called Mayuge for which Magoola Eric Kibbedi has been elected as its Commissioner. He very much wishes to exchange programme ideas with Scouting friends around the world.

    Eric says that he would love to get his new District twinned with a Scout Group in the UK.  He has been in touch with Iganga District, with whom they carried out joint activities in Uganda 2000.

    If any Group, District or County wishes to take up the idea of a link with the Mayuge District please Email the Network Co-ordintator

    Martin Takel - study visit

    Unit Leader for the Soroti District in Uganda 2000 reported to the February meeting of the Network about his visit to Uganda in January 2002. He spoke of the need to maintain regular contact to ensure that a project is moving forward, not just in the UK but also in the Uganda. He gave some ideas of how the problems of communications can be worked round.

    He reported on the progress of the preparations for the Explorer Belt expedition in 2003 and the preparations in hand in Uganda particularly in Kamuli.

    Martin had chance to give the Network's good wishes to Pross on her forthcoming wedding.