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Following visits to the Bulangira Disables Association, by Marie and Eric Goulding in August 2000 and also that year the Pallisa Team during the Uganda 2000, it was apparent that there was a need for the Association to develop an independent vocational workshop facility.

The workshops will enable their members to be trained in various productive skills and to produce saleable goods for their own self sufficiency. The premises will also act as their office, shop and HQ

The BDA has now identified land in the Kaderuna sub-county which was agreed by all would suit their needs. There is a bore hole on the border of the site and electricity is available nearby.

However it is clear that the cost and funding for construction is at present beyond their means. So, the main thrust of the UK part of the Association is to raise money to fund the project.

You can join the project by obtaining project information from bulaniga@ugandanetwork.org.uk or send a donation to Berkshire Scout Enterprises Ltd,
The Bulangira Disables Association. Project.
c/o Peter and Betty Scurry, 38 Wentworth avenue, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 8HQ.

Please make your cheque payable to Berkshire Scout Enterprises Ltd.

Update in 2003

A small party visited Bulangira in 2002 whilst attending Pross's wedding and in 2003 Chris Wilkinson working for Berkshire Scout Enterprises Ltd was able to visit the project twice in a space of a few weeks.

Considerable progress has been made on the Association's building, the construction of which has been left to local people. The results are impressive with the building nearing completion and already the crops are being gathered. In December it was a small crop of cotton.


This picture shows the inside of the main hall which is substantially complete with rendered walls and windows, doors, floor and ceiling. Mostly built by disabled people the results are impressive.

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