Industry, Debt & Trade

Programme Idea 1

1) Top Priorities

Sample statements:-

A. Increasing British aid to poor countries

B. Health, hygiene and education in developing countries.

C. Disarmament.

D. Canceling Third World debt.

E. Reducing rich countries' consumption of world resources.

F. Fighting for women's rights.

G. Ending racism.

H. Stabilising the human population.

I. Promoting intermediate technology and self-help programmes.

Use this as a basis for further discussion but remember, there is no right or wrong answer.

The six issues to be discussed are as follows:

  • East/West disarmament.
  • Resource depletion
  • Racism
  • Third World debt
  • Poverty
  • Pollution.
*These ideas are taken from the 'One World Week' Planners Handbook.

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