Quiz - Questions

Spend 10 minutes going through all the statements deciding what you think the right answer is.

Circle the one you think is correct.

a) What percentage of the population are women?
1) In Britain
2) In Uganda

What percentage of the Ugandan population are women?

33%, 52%, 64%, 51%

b) What percentage of households are made up of a working man, non-working wife and children under 16?

5%, 30%, 60%

c) What percentage of housework is done by women?
1) In Uganda
2) In Britain

30%, 54%, 72%, 100%

d) 88% of adult men under retirement age are working. What is the percentage for women?

25%, 49%, 66%

e) How many years in the average woman's life is she without a paid job?

7, 18, 24

f) The vast majority of high paid jobs are held by men and the vast majority of low paid jobs are held by women.

True / false?

g) What percentage of senior company managers are women?

6%, 12%, 20%

h) What percentage of part-time workers are women?

30%, 60%, 90%

i) Women make up a third of Trade Union membership and the majority of new recruits are women. What percentage of union committee members are women?

10%, 25%, 40%

j) What percentage of Ugandan women carry out farm work alone or with their
husbands only occasionally helping?

22%, 46%, 74%

k) What percentage of children alone are responsible for collecting water?

3%, 15%, 35%


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